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  • i know how you feel, i wish we could have physio at port but unfortunately all we have is nursing and primary teaching
    i got a C and three D's so happy with that :). Im dreading going back to uni, only two weeks left...Now I'm back at home I can see how crummy it is at uni.
    Hey how did you go in your first lot of results? I was quite pleased with mine :) Still not looking forward to going back to uni though...
    ah i had a bad expereince like that in newcastle except i got the job and ended up quitting so maybe its better you didnt get it. sucks at our age cause we're so expensive especially if you havent worked before and have no skills to offer. I started in 2007 and they are still not accepting me at any newcastle stores. at least at my home town im getting good holiday hours.
    There's some physics in my course, when physics gets combined with trig and then combined with muscles you're quite screwed! so many concepts i barely understand being mushed together!!!

    Im living having work at the moment! I've got 2 hours this week and 35 next week :) so good! Where did you get your interview? Should have used my trick and lied!
    ah, you cant trust my maths skills at all! And I hope you enjoy your holiday as much as I do, I've got 26 hours of work this week and 35 the next lol ..and this is supposed to be relaxing right?
    Biomed was ridiculous, just really really picky content it wasnt really checking that we understood the concepts more that we knew everything to minute detail. So many people are convinced they failed. Physio had two exams, one was prac where you get a 'patient' and you have to act out the process of doing whatever assessment you're given while an examiner watches and asks questions. So stressful but I already got my mark back and got another D . The written part was 50 m/c and 5 10 mark questions.

    Im sure you'll pass anatomy you only need 37marks to pass, and the uni scales the marks anyway ;) I was so happy with that exam. It was my last exam too so I ended on a high note. Already home which is so good, it has further confirmed the crappiness of Newcastle in my mind.
    After the horror of my Physio exam and Biomed that exam was quite good! I wasnt too sure too until I counted all the questions I was 100% sure were correct and they alone were enough to pass so I'm quite happy with it. How many questions were taken directly from the online quizzes! They were absolute gifts!

    Were you in the Great Hall? It was so slack those kids who got the wrong paper and had to start late. Fail Newcastle uni.

    Anyway one semester down 7 to go...
    i think alot of people will struggle. They might fiddle with out marks slightly to make sure an adequate amount of people pass. This is my theory.
    LOL ive gone through my questions theres like no chance ill get 40/50 made too many mistakes. Fk it ill be happy with credit. Gl with ur exam man!
    yer someone didt turn up for my exam either :l

    im going to have to stay up till 3 just to pass this stupid exam I'm so screwed its not even funny. Kill me now!
    i left as soon as I could but the superviser spent ages messing around so I couldnt leave right away which annoyed me. It annoyes me that such a course can exist though, they should have just absorbed it into another course rather than waste our time and money on it. Anyone could have passed that test easily having never attended a single lecture or tute or read any of the material. But still a nice boost before anatomy.
    hlsc was hmmmm retarted. I think i saw you but wasnt sure.
    Too many questions that had two options bahhhh.
    Hope u and i did alrite.
    Ready for HUBS?
    Gotta get 80% + to finish on HD for it :D
    hlsc = funiest.exam.ever!

    zomg I silently loled at the question where telepathy was an option. And the first nine questions wtf. It was a nice contrast to the utter death that iwll be anatomy. I'm just watching you tube tutorials there are some really good vids out there and going through the slides. I suspect that it will be a sleepless night though.

    Omg I played golden eye too!
    omg i remember blowing into the game cartriges as well! and playing zelda and banjo kazooee and mario party lol so many good memories I wish our old one still worked!

    hlsc, my other room mate did it a few years back and it was ridiculously easy so chill =)

    anatomy, im utterly screwed :/

    good luck with your exams! Im sure you'll do great, only need 50% whoo
    who didnt have a nintendo 64? it was a fundamental childhood experience! And I totally agree its going to be death for the next 3 weeks. Anatomy will kill me! just think of the holidays...
    lovely gaming metaphor, reminds me of the good old days palying nintendo 64 lol. and im sure if we fail everyone else will too as everyone is on a fairly even playing field as there is nothing to learn therefore nothing to study, yet an exam on the way ...:S I just want this sill semester over with so i can go home
    ouch thats got to hurt, think of it as an adventure lol. How goes the hlsc/hubs study? What can you study for hlsc??? Im officially freaking out .
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