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  • Hi cem,

    You were recommended by another user for a more definitive answer. In the event that your teacher chooses an Option in either Modern History or Legal Studies for the class (e.g. Arab-Israeli Conflict, Consumers), and you are not satisfied with this option (perhaps it doesn't interst you at all, you feel you could reach your potential better with another option etc), what are the rulings about writing on a different option in the HSC exam to that chosen by your teacher and studied in class? (E.g. teacher has chosen Conflict in Northern Ireland and you wish to do the Arab-Israeli Conflict).

    Any advice on this situation would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!
    Maths teachers are in high demand. The government will help you get a position in a government high school but you can also apply separately to private schools.

    I was just wondering exactly how hard is it to find a job as a high school mathematics teacher once your finish your degree. Is is like searching for any other job or does the gov set you up with a job ?
    Pilot marking happens for every subject every year. It is a box that is ticked on the marker's application form (I tick it every year but never get it - but that doesn't matter).
    cem, I was wondering if you knew that if pilot marking for HSC sciences was removed a few years ago. Some claim this to be true but I'm rather skeptical.
    Thanks so much, I'm hoping it does align up, I have pressure to get it kinda, my teachers said "they would be surprised if I didn't get 100". I made a silly mistake though and have been stressing out about it for ages(I know, it sounds stupid to stress over it lol).
    Probably - I can't think that there would be too many subjects where a raw mark of 99 didn't align to 100 simply because the full range of marks are used by the markers 0 - 100 but the vast majority of the state (at least 95% or so) will have a reported mark between 50 and 100.
    Do you think a raw mark of 99 would align to 100 in the School Certificate? Especially if most of the state don't do heaps well? (this is for maths and apparently 21% got band 2, and the mean was 70)
    I think you should be fine - they are significant events in his life.

    As for being a 'mod' I think not - this is a board for students to help students and as a teacher, and a much older teacher at that I feel that all I can and should do is give advice and assistance about technical stuff or the History subjects and nothing else.
    is this alright do u think?

    for personalities - it asked for 3 significant events
    i did differently 2 every1

    i did:

    1. His childhood was a significant event in his life that formed his personality as an indifferent technocrat

    2. His university whatevs - teachings of oswald spengler and the tutelage of heinrich tessenow coupled with the economic failings of weimar which disillusioned himself with the current regime

    3. Hitler's speech and rally at his institiution - enraptured by the oratory skills of hitler and his promise to revive germany... initiated his redirection of career as he joined the nskk

    these 3 events were interlinked and culminated into his interaction with the nazi party

    most people spoke about his time as minister for armaments and archictectural contributions

    but do u think my 3 events are valid enough?
    they are different to about 90% of the state (i reckon) - would this work in my favour?
    The gap will be maintained or even reduced due to aligning - when we send marks in we use the full range from 0 - 100 but the BOS will have about 98%+ of students in all courses between 50 and 100 so the gaps actually often end up one or two marks smaller - but that also depends on the average and range - you could also find the gap opens a bit - due to the lower performance of some of you cohort - but I have never seen that happen
    and another thing
    for chem, I'm coming 3rd
    first person internal marks (sent by school, not moderated)-> 94
    2nd person- 92
    and I am 86
    fourth has 64, so there is a big gap between top 3 and rest of the class.
    say if the highest external mark is 90... that means my moderated internal mark will be 82? so that the gap is maintained right?
    and I wont be affected by the class average if the rest of the class does badly because they will count the top 3 as an outlier. is that right?
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