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Recent content by cheechthecheech

  1. C

    that acid 1 acid 2 question

    Acid 1 is stronger with a higher deg of dissociation but acid 2 is more concentratrated. simple.
  2. C

    Band cut-offs

    Re: What will be this years band 6 be for bio Ok, surely it is higher than 85. I found all of the questions to be rather simple and straightforward. The long question were also very general and used simple verbs, like describe and explain instead of discuss, evaluate or assess.
  3. C

    Multiple choice

    i agree cept for 4, which i think is A. C just repeats the question as the sick animals are already in a diff enclosure.
  4. C

    Feature Article?

    This helps me prepare for tomorrow's exam. It will help this years students, and future students.
  5. C

    Wtf belonging!?

    Dude, that was so weird. I had no idea what to write for the essay... But for the creative I wrote this cute poem. It was a limerick. Plus they made a mistake. I looked at the paper for like 15 mins before we started writing. =D
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    Wtf belonging!?

    i think my elective is poems, but im no good at writing poetry! any tips for rhyming?
  7. C

    Wtf belonging!?

    Ok shit guys, I really fucked up here. What do I need to know for tomorrow's exam. Is there like one book which summarises it all? If so that would be greatly appreciated. P.S.: I'm really good with spelling and idioms, so I don't need help on that section.
  8. C

    iPhone or not?

    That's what she said, heheh heheh. :haha:
  9. C

    probability trees

    The answer for iii) is infact 0.42 or 21/50.