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  • I suppose that's the advantage of having enrolment days, in that one can arrange a timetable for Semesters 1 and 2.

    Then again, being a UNSW student, though I have to wait until those sign-ups open - I can do it from home =P

    Hopefully I'll get a better timetable in Semester 2.
    Ah Macquarie... yeah they have those enrolment days, so I hear. Ah well, true - only for 1st semester!

    And it shall be a lesson unto you to compile your timetable earlier next semester =P
    Well, I suppose you can change your timetable. I revised mine a few times. Right now, it's... passable.

    But what uni are you going to?
    Oh hi Chevalier,

    I've been... okay. Going a bit crazy but hey, what the heck. Uni will probably fix that though!

    What about you?
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