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  • Wow there is a social engineering now? that sounds interesting... XD
    Lmao by Karen, you mean KK yeah?? :p

    I've been well, thanks for asking. Currently trying to finish my Auditing Assigment. After that I'm free!!!! LOLOLOL. How have you been?
    lol that's ok. Sorry for the laggy reply, first week's been a bit hectic for me, still had issues with timetabling/classes. All sorted now.

    How'd your first week go down? :D
    Sorry for the epic delay with my reply >_<

    Your holidays sound like mine :p, go to whatever event I've been invited to pass the time and besides that just laze around at home hehe. I'm planning on getting my textbooks during O-week. Helping out a bit then at uni. Are you planning on going into O-week this year??
    lolol my holidays have been quite relaxing too! I just wish I was a bit more productive though >_<'' I can't believe I would say this, but... I kind of want uni to start again :p

    HK was great! Food, transport, everything in general was great as always! I can't wait to go back again hehe. What else have you been up to?? Anything planned for the rest of your holidays? Have you gotten your textbooks yet?
    Awwww, lol I'm in HK atm, and the weather here is much better than in Sydney imo... even though if it is cold :D

    Nuuuuuu different classes again!? I'm in Tue/Fri 9-11am Q_Q
    Merry Xmas to you too as well :D

    You gone/going anywhere yet these holidays? :p Oh btw, which Crim class are you in next year?
    umm my friend didn't get it too :(. yea there seems to be no rejection email cuz my friend had to ask the person. thanks, not sure what kinda nonsense they'll interview me on.
    oh my :( i got an email for quantitative interview on monday. i think the emails have already been sent out, my friend din get it either.
    haha don't be. another friend of mine hasnt got any emails too. at least one of us 3 should get one if they already sent the emails. its bad they fully lied about when they contact us lol
    any news of PASS for you? haha not sure if it's QMA or just every pass not getting emails. or maybe just me.
    no news on PASS yet. i heard we should get emails this sunday to go to interview or something. We must hear from them soon, interviews are like 23/24th Nov.
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