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  • Who's your lecturer?? I'm stuck on Statutory Authority part >_> and I got a FINS1613 quiz on thursday :(
    Ohhhhhh *hi5* same mark! Man you've pwned this semester haven't you lolol.
    Anyways sounds like we don't have any similar breaks :(
    Ahaha, you beat me by 1 mark lol. Nice work :)

    Well what days are you at uni and when are your breaks??
    lol Congrats, close to D is still good :). Hope you did just as well for Foundations :)

    I'm in Torts J, 9-11am Mon/Thurs. Chem Sci and Webster. Different classes....nooooooo lol. Might bump into you in Law Library perhaps... dunno what you look like though lol.
    Haha I got a D in QMA. I'm just glad it's all over. Onwards to Semester 2 2009 lol. Btw which torts class are you in?
    Hey there! Haven't heard from you in a while :p

    My holidays have been good, lots more relaxation and sleeping-in time lolol. Starting to play Counter Strike Source as well haha. How about you? Enjoying your holidays as well? Btw you got your uni results yet?
    lol np. Well... it all depends on what they dish out tomorrow. Finger crossed it's not a massive rape-fest of an exam. Yep I'm an 07 HSC'er, the reason why I have to do QMA is because I transferred from USYD this year to Com/Law at UNSW, and QMA isn't a core subject at USYD. Oh wells, just need to get a composite mark for QMA anyway... only need 17 marks lol.

    And Case Note >_<'', have you got yours back already?? I'm planning on dropping by uni after QMA exam tomorrow and see if I can get it back. I'm sure you did fine as well =D
    I'm just going through the past papers, not sure what else to do for QMA. I looked at 2008 June Final and went OMGWTFBBQ. I now know why they created a "We got raped by QMA final last year". I'm just hoping our final won't be as hard. Btw, make sure you know your depreciation formulas (constant rate one in particular), seems like they've asked it for the past 2 years ;)
    I'm just catching up on Bleach and Naruto lolol. I'd like to play some RTS/FPS once holidays start =D
    At the moment 10, but they are mostly from the High Court and Supreme Court judgments (for ratio section). About to incorporate my extra material into Commentary. You??
    I'm up to my commmentary, I still need more referencing material >_<''.
    Seriously the High Court judgment is really bad, such a lazy group of judges. I hope to finish it tonight, need to do QMA Assignment Part B... I need a holiday.
    hey mate. just wondering how you got into unsw combinded law for 09 with uai 96. i have just heard so many schemes like EAS or whatever etc. n i dont think i can get 99 either so to see someone to get in with 95 + makes me :):):)

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