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  • oh and i have to say, it is quite refreshing to find a girl who doesn't take countless photos of themselves in front of the mirror. i mean ugly girls maybe but still myspace has proven even girls 'beautiful on the inside' are photo whores. ahahahah wow, that sure makes me sound shallow
    yes i know i'm very insecure about my hipsterdom ok :(. oh yes i've noticed that lately. i don't bother with my dslr too much, too heavy and big, plus shutter noise is way too loud, i will normally just take an old rangefinder with me.

    oh, what concerts have you been to?

    umm that would be Jean-Pierre Leaud in Godard's Masculin, féminin, not one of my favourites i just think it looks like a good photo. this one is of Stuart Sutcliffe, one of the original Beatles before they got into the mod scene. funny you should mention Lou Reed though seeing how i'm listening to Velvet Underground right now.

    how petite are you? nice to know you can't hold your alcohol well ;)

    and to take things further into weirdness, what do you even look like? ok, i've seen half of your face (a good half at that hehe) but as far as i know the other side could have a nipple on it.
    hahaaha no it isn't, i'm genuinely interested. i just don't know how to phrase myself without making interest in you seem completely odd or trivial
    hmm besides your hipster cred, of which we are all guilty of, any hobbies? interesting stories about yourself? but you know if there is none of that, feel free to talk about music, film, books, art, etc, typical wank.

    i will be bored, but not because i'm not interested. it will probably be things i have heard before, that's it.

    inebriated :( what've you been drinking?
    Ok if you add me on facebook I promise to be not too freaky and I won't mention bos. Deal?
    lets become facebook friends so i can lurk you and then know everything about you so i can talk to you all about you
    oh i'm sorry :(. let me redeem myself by taking interest in who you are. tell me about yourself, well you know, as much as you can tell a predator without giving anything away
    ha yea. the general opinion i get is that people are aiming excessively high - everyones signature dons an ATAR aim of 98+
    there also seems to be an excess of overconfident snobs...
    Dear Miss Gracie, thank you for being so kind as to maintaining my procrastination whilst bored of studies was down. As a token of my appreciation i will continue to win your love with my relentless spamming and stalking.
    hey there.
    yes, i love bss. i mostly listen to them while browsing on my laptop, however my play count on any bss is very high.

    my first track that i listened to and fell in love with was Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl. It's amazing.

    Major Label Debut
    Lover's Spit

    Forgiveness Rock Record is amazing. I usually pick a few songs and play them to death, but every single song on that album is fucking bliss!

    favourites include:
    texico bitches
    world sick
    romance to the grave
    sentimental x
    art house director.
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