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  • hii frend

    can we be super trendy frends

    and drink longnecks on the driveway

    ps.if u do ur hsc stuff i will give u some supa rare musac
    Yes in Sydney...a few gigs but there's still a large chunk 18+ and it's fucking gay. New AF album August 2nd, going to be great if the 4 preview tracks are anything to go by.
    arcade fire will come in summer and my life will be complete. I hope to gawd stars do too, The Five Ghosts rocks my world. BTW I could listen to emily haines' voice all day.
    Hahaha then its good if it was well deserved, would be funny to sit back and watch.
    Ohh well see that explains it lol, im Turkish, so I actually got it easy compared to most other Middle-Eastern families. But as a kid I never got any freedom, sucked to be me lol
    haha well im not saying I was ever purposely bad, just on occasion I would do something stupid..or something stupid according to my mum
    So you've always been a good kid :p
    That sounds horrible, just holding on and beating him senseless lol
    Yeah the thongs were bad haha
    Out of curiosity, what nationality are you?
    lol ouch indeed :p
    I guess it depends on the family background, but yeah I was never really a misbehaving kid either, from time to time I would be punished for something stupid lol
    Oh God! The wooden spoon is among the worst, also getting smacked by thongs, had my fair share of those, courtesy of my mother of course hahaha
    Haha im serious, I wasn't really doing anything, I was just tapping on the dinner table, my mum told me to stop. I didn't stop, so she pegged a fork at my face, hit my chin lol
    Hey thanks for the rep :)
    The umbrella wasn't too bad compared to having a fork thrown in your face :p
    The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon is one of the best easy reads. Mainly because of his writing style.

    Both Day of the Triffids and The Chrysalids by John Wyndham are really good. Although they're classed as sci-fi, they don't really read too much as such.

    To Kill A Mockingbird is a classic, and a must read. As are obviously 1984 and Animal Farm.

    Catch 22 is a good one, but I think if you've read it in school it might have ruined it.

    Most of what I'm reading now are plays and dramatic theory. So offhand I don't have a great list of books prepared. The above are all definitely worth a go though.
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