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  • Well it's better than nothing! I honestly found it super boring and that's why I think I'm not happy with what I put up but like I just tried to stay motivated this past two weeks and like finally started and finished.
    So, since you my friend have three weeks to do it - you have no excuses because if I could do it you can too! You just have to try and stay focused and like motivated because like I said, it feels really repetitive and strenuous at times :/ What keeps you motivated?
    Well this is like insanely creepy - I log on for the first time since forever and BAM I have a message from you! Haha.
    I pretty much finished it on Monday so I sent it to my teacher so she can check it but she hasn't replied yet so I really don't know. I know I've gone wayyyy over for my micro chapter and my last chapter and conclusion are a bit off but I'm just like so relieved that I've essentially finished! Hardest two weeks ever, omg. I wish I did it last year when we were supposed to :S Haha.
    What about you? c:
    I know that's changing your PIP a little but if you don't feel confident with what you have maybe you could take a new direction? Just a thought, and again check with your teacher and see what they say. Yeah, it sucks a bit but I do enjoy the subject. It's just like I'm not the best learner anyways and I don't exactly have a teacher but that's a heaps good idea I'll just email her. Ugh, I know. But I will start doing it because we have to...I'll just start after I do a few other assesments :S
    Can you believe I wrote messages on my own page thinking it was yours? Yeah, I guess that's where your biggest problem lies :/ I guess you can group your responses - like ask the same sorts of questions i.e. "Have you ever experienced racism?"/"Have you ever been racist" etc. but before all of that have your standard "Male/Female" and age group categories that will help you break it down? Secondary research is a must? :S Okay well Australia's obviously very multicultural so there's bound to be tonnes of articles and possibly research statistics online about racism - I guess it's just up to you to really determine the age thing in your primary research. Just use the secondary stuff as an indication of how it exists in society, etc. Where did you want your focus to be in terms of ages? Did you want to look at society as a whole or just focus on like how teens are becoming more/less racist? CONT>
    come up with one herself because she was like “you’re in year 12 you need to stay positive...you’re not qualified to deal with mental health issues...” etc. Like apparently she tells people that every year that so you’re better of checking because I guess the Government doesn’t want to be held responsible for loosing students let alone any other person/people that we may come across and interview or whatever. Sorry I couldn’t be of much help here but I reckon your age idea was good if you check it out with your teacher and get their approval? Oh and sorry for filling up your page :S
    That’s a good PIP idea! Like I reckon if you did the “does age make someone more racist” thing that would be really interesting to read and most likely do as well. Except ask your teacher because it might have limitations – like it might be harder to gain information/write about you know so you’re better of checking! I’m not sure about your other one though, like in terms of if you’ll be allowed to do it just because you’d most likely be dragging in mental health. All of my original PIP ideas revolved around mental health just because well yeah personal experiences and stuff and my teacher said that she wouldn’t let me do any of them – even if she was to CONT >
    You don't really need teens for your PIP do you? Because I reckon we're the hardest age group - like tbh I would probably do the same thing to someone else if I didn't do S&C and know how sucky it feels to get shit responses like the ones I got so yeah, just hang in there! Although since you’re doing different age groups I reckon you won’t find it that difficult to get proper responses because I’m pretty sure that adults would be keen on answering and that their answers would be noteworthy.I do S&C via correspondence so I don’t exactly see my teacher but yeah, I guess I could email her and ask her for help about questionnaires. CONT >
    Dude don't sweat it - I just checked this thing now haha. Year 12 already getting to you, hey? :/
    OKAY GOOD I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE! I keep talking to you about it and I still cbf to do it - or I can it's just that I don't know what to do or like how to go about things. I'm sure your responses won't be THAT bad, like my mistake was that I did it at this grade "social" we had at like someone's house and people just weren't up for it so for owning an iPhone people just ticked "NO" so they wouldn't have to fill out anything else so I think I'll just go to the grade below and make them re-do the ones I got "NO" responses to. They can also fill out the other like 40+ responses I didn't even get. I bet that made no sense to you just then haha but yeah, I recommend from personal experience to just give them out in a proper setting. CONT >
    My PIP's on teenagers and their iPhones and how it's like impacting how we communicate - like weighing the positives and negatives and stuff :) I gave up on my PIP for 2 months though because I thought I got really shit responses for my questionnaire that I did. My questionnaire was the first thing that I decided to do to start my whole PIP (still the only thing I've done haha) but I guess it just really made me back off the whole project because I was like pissed off that I got answers like "Miley Cyrus" that obviously, had no relevance to any of my questions but eh. I guess I have to get back in to it, hey? What's yours on?
    Hey c:
    Just thought I'd add you so we could help each other out for S&C if needed haha. Hope that's okay! x
    In a sense I'm a more nooby version of you, I only do 3u :p
    Yea I still remember moles and redox calculation......nup never going back to that ever again.
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