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  • Yeah, I was thinking of doing that, I don't want to get into the whole mental health issue, too hardcore. But even if I do do how age affects racism, how do I ask people about that, and what can I research? I have been looking for ages, and can't find any secondary research on anything related to my topic, and secondary research is a must. But yeah, it's hard to get my thoughts in order. correspondence subject.... HMmm, makes everything that much harder, doesn't it? Just email your teacher whenever you have doubts about something, she won't mind, even try and give him/her a ring if you can! I email my teacher a lot, and she always replies asap, so maybe that could be a thing. But yes, the PIP... what a toughie.
    Sorry for the late reply, schools sucks. I'm scared to touch my PIP because I'm afraid o'll get responses like that. I'm sure if you talk to your teacher, he/she'll help you out with where to go and how to approach people. My PIP's on the extent to which age affects an individual's experiences of racism. I need to be more specific, but I don't know whether to do how an individual copes with racism or like does age make someone be more racist towards you ugh
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