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  • hey thanks for the attachment :) sorry im just like really paranoid, are you doing B. Arts? Or did you do BA (Advanced)? because in my arts booklet it said that gender studies is available as a designated 'advanced' unit of study for students in the BA (Advanced) program? haha im really paranoid that for some reason it wont count as a credit point or something :\
    ah ok thats the unit me and my friend were going to take. ahh it sounds hard haha! well either way it sounds way better than linguistics or anthropology! i cannot bear to take them next semester again argh!
    oh great! :D i went to the arts department today and asked them! did you enjoy it? is there a particular unit you recommend? :)
    hey i read that you did gender studies in first year. im really wanting to do it but almost everyone tells me its only a 2nd year subject. did the 6 credit points of it count? im really paranoid haha.
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