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  • aww :( same thing happened with me last year. i saw one of my best friends every day because we had lots of classes together, then this year we're doing completely different subjects.

    now I just seem to drink an awful lot more coffee because we always get caffeine for our catch-ups :)

    you should come to a usyd meat if we doing something again next sem
    i sold her a textbook back at the start of sem so if you were there too maybe you saw me... Im afraid my attention span was rather low that day and i'd really have no idea who you were if i've seen you since haha
    Thanks for the rep. :) Yeah, home and away is awesome! Are you a fan as well?

    ps> Will rep you back when I can again.
    i've had about 4 regular usernames over my time on bos. this is obviously my current one and i'm pretty sure i'll be sticking to it long term :)
    i saw them play on hey hey it's saturday last night while channel flicking and he sounded ridiculously out of tune which really confused me because he is just so good!

    I'm a second year B Psych student at usyd :) (you'll notice i tend to post a lot in the usyd chatter thread) :p there's a few of us around who are second year psych students, and a bunch of first years. the second year subjects are sooooo much more interesting
    loved it! I've been to a LOT of gigs and stuff in the past, but Train was probably the most overt at getting the crowd involved, which was cool. And when he did that massive solo for Sky without the microphone :jaw: and drops of jupiter was amazing, as was hey soul sister (which I got mostly recorded). I took my younger sis for her b'day, it's the first gig she's been to and she really liked it :)

    I think it would've been good if they got some more energy going through, I loved how there were sections of people dancing and being awesome, but if the entire crowd was, that would've been mad.

    how did you like it? :)
    79 isnt that bad, considering i did far less work in that subject compared to the other subjects, just some essay memorising the week before the hsc, my communication skills are not the best but they are sufficient, besides even the physics and engineering lecturers joke about not being so good at english. So your finals are worth ( also i didnt say your finals were worth 20, i said i know people whose finals are worth more than 20%, your comprehension skills arent up to scratch) 40, 65 and 50 , and u didnt say that they werent open book and multiple choice so one can only infer that they are, do you think u will pass??, ( hopefully the answer is yes, its not like ANYONE gets failed in arts, they just give out degrees like toilet paper ( thats a nice metaphor, dont you think??:p, or is it a simile, ahh who cares ) lol, not like its anything special, just means you showed up to uni for 4 yrs, big deal).
    lol, please, i know people in arts that have their final exam worth like 20% and its open book , multiple choice, what a joke :p, anyone can do arts degree.
    lol, look whose doing bachelor of arts, have a cry, arts is piss easy, just bullshit an essay on the spot, anyone could do that
    it does look shit, its not even curly now its like stringy and wavy and ugly as :(
    my licence photo is going to look fugly as
    lol no i got up at 11.30

    im getting my green Ps todayyy wooo!
    and my hair looks like utter shit. i left it curly and the curls have gone all limp :| FML!
    shore ting

    go on em ess en and ill try help
    but if its stats... lol :/
    i can only try :p
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