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  • Well sciences are pretty easy. What kills me is just writing up notes because there are heaps of dot points. I didn't want Legal Studies. I just picked it because I didn't get IPT. I just bludge in Legal. My teacher is really lenient and will amrk anything correct. For example in one of my tests it said describe alternatives to solve disputes other than going to courts. I wrote 'Go solve the dispute yourself' and he gave me 2 out of 6 marks for it.
    hey. im in year 10 and im currently having a subject selection for year 11. i am thinking of doing the exact same subjects as you. how are the 3 science subjects treating you? legal studies any good?
    omg i missed supernova forgot about it, Whens Animania coming u going to that
    hey, did u lyk the dragonball movie?
    i'd say they should have just kept it animated aye!
    piccolo probably looked the worst lol
    Dragonball Evolution made me lose all my respect for Dragonball... its so damn lame :(
    Don't worry that's not the entire film. It's cut about 15 minutes. Most of the cuts are the fight scenes and that sucks.
    dont Post up the movie you'll see the cops come after you :p
    i saw dragon ball evolution
    here is the link for full movie:
    NovaMov - Watch online
    ah yeh i watched the trailer on youtube looks i must say, how can they not have an azn goku lol and isnt he suppose to be little since its called "Dragonball"
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