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  • yup yup on the 4th =/ so cant wait till its over >.<

    haha hopefully >.< il have to pay off uni fees firstly though...ffuuuunnn

    kwl what do yar wanna do??
    hehe its good to aim high. it keeps you motivated
    lol aw your gonna have so much fun with belonging..i dont think its hard..but its just boring
    Hrmm, well Jamie, all I can say is just wait it out. if there's no reason for you to drop, as you are managing well, keep at it. Keep in mind, when all the exams (e.g TRIALS TRIALS TRIALS) come in a block, it's going to be .. well .. tough. Very tough.
    10 units is good when you do know that stuff. I just hated japanese :p
    Nah, I was beaten by international students who have already learnt the course 1-2 years ago @.@
    Hrm, I wouldn't drop either: you're coming 1st!
    10 units is good :D I'm top 3 in everything bar 4u (4th ==')
    Hrmm.. well which ones are you performing the worst at is the first and most reasonable question to ask. If you're doing bad at any subject/can't take it anymore/the competition is getting heated then drop it. It's as simple as that. IMO, 14 units is ridiculous. 12 units is enough to back you up, even 11 units. 14 is just too much and too ambitious.
    lol ohk kwl tankies ^.^

    hehe ohk kwl
    hehe yeah im gonna study my arse off for that one lol

    aw yeah..if only i had the money *daydream sigh*
    hehe yup yup

    hehe tankies ^.^

    never again!!!! hahahaha
    indeed :eek: sorry mines not worth much. theres this one gold member who keeps negging me
    ohk kwl
    what if someone else gets the top mark?? does that go to me or what?? lol

    haha well im second..by a few marks...i think the teacher marks easier on my mate who's comin 1st..

    lol yeah i wanna see her sometime hehe

    take care!!
    what if your coming 1st in a subject?? would it affect you then??
    cause im comin 1st n 2nd in all of my subjects (4th in maths >.> )
    n everyone in my physics class is failing except for me n my mate ... =/
    lol yeah i wont look for it till after the hsc..when i have aaaalll the time in the world lol
    hehe yeah but she lives overseas..ive only seen pics

    aww why what happened??

    take care!!
    lol yeah true true

    haha yeah eeeven better hehe
    hehe tankies =] thats true..but dont their marks affect mine too?? im not sure how it all works

    lol normal 8

    lol yeah their twins
    its awesome being friends with both of them lol
    hehe kwl
    my mums a twin
    its kwl hehe
    im of to bed lol nite nite!! *waves*
    wow thats awesome lol

    lol pff noooo thats silly haa
    yeah it was actually
    people in my class kept complaining about it but thats only cause their narrowminded
    n wont open up to new ideas etc

    haha oh yeah sure will lol
    catchin up on everything

    haha yeah my mates kim, matt n brian.. n kim n matts dad lol he wanted to see it too
    haha but thats a weird lookin spider

    im pretty sure
    it'l only be for a bit anyway
    'ten canoes' by rolf de heer

    yeah i finish b4 almost all of my mates
    so il have to wait till their done before we can do anything

    hehe yeah im goin with 4 other peopple
    lol thats kwl

    i dunnoooo
    ill be ready for it

    i finish the 4th of nov.
    haha yeah im lookin forward to that

    haha alright i will lol
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