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    UNCLE SEMESTER 1 Results

    Here are my results: SENG1110: 83 D ELEC1700: 74 C MATH1510: 64 P MATH1110: 51 P
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    What's Canberra like in general as well as the University?

    Hi, I'm thinking of coming to Canberra next year to study a double degree of Software Engineering/Business Informatics. But, before I make my decision and ditch the University of Newcastle (where I'm currently studying at) I have a few questions I would like to ask. 1. What is the social...
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    the people who live around us are povos :(

    This is because the majority of the callaghan population are students + 80% of them are in huge debts (mainly due to HECS).
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    I'd recommend the Fuji Xerox Mono Laser which can be bought for $99 at Officeworks and can print upto 1500 on starter toner. Afterwards its $50 per toner which can print 4000 pages. If you dont like the look of the Xerox, theres always the brother for $99 but cost slightly more compared with...
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    Hey Shuttle Bus 5 hows it going :D

    Hey Shuttle Bus 5 hows it going :D
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    Attention all uncle bos'ers!!

    Yes lets. My breaks are as follows: Mon: 11am-1pm, 3-4pm Tues: 1pm-2pm, 4pm-6pm Wed: 11am-3pm, 4pm-5pm Thurs: 1pm-6pm Fri: 1pm-2pm
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    Attention all uncle bos'ers!!

    Sure were :D. I never knew that WW's cookies tastes so good :D. haha same. Btw It was good meeting you and emmcyclopedia. lol no it wasn't. We were right outside the GT Bar and Brennan Room sitting on the couches. .... and besides i don't even know who you are.. (although i think i've...
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    Attention all uncle bos'ers!!

    hmm..... maybe we should reschedule it on the weekend considering University opens 24/7. Edit: or make 2 meetup days.
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    Attention all uncle bos'ers!!

    lol I have a mathematics tutorial between 11am to 1pm although i don't want anyone to miss out on the meet. What times will you be available tomorrow?
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    Attention all uncle bos'ers!!

    What was the time again? Was it still 1pm?
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    First Day of Uni...

    lol, thats kinda freaky.
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    Attention all uncle bos'ers!!

    ... and computer science
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    Attention all uncle bos'ers!!

    Congrats. We should have a game together sometime :D
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    Attention all uncle bos'ers!!

    Nope, although i love playing pool :D. Great fun.