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  • hey !
    yeah i am doing ipt for my hsc, and business studies as well.
    do you have any notes that i could use?
    thanks so much for the offer also.
    and congrats on your 95.50 :)
    Lol that's good

    BA/BT at UNE which requires an ATAR of 77. sumfin ... lol i got well into the course though

    uh yes we do have teachers but our current business studies teacher set this assesment last term and decided to go tripping around new zealand and come back just after its due
    Your kidding me.

    I'm the youngest in my group as well, but I have one friend whose older than me..by one day.


    Laters meanie. :D
    It's okay.

    You're the second person to say that to me.

    Who cares if your older than me? lol

    When's your birthday though?
    i drove like 20 km below the limit sometimes... its hard to fail for going too slow but you WILL fail for going too fast obviouslykeep looking at your blind spotsindicate out of roundabouts (even single lane ones)give way to pedestrians (lol i failed for that)don't let the guy distract you, he kept chatting to melook left and right before you go through an intersectiondo your parallel park slowly and don't worry if you bump the kerb a bitbut yeah be safe and good luckxx
    gee if i can remember them :p
    maths 2 unit

    i didn't exactly do high scaling subjects :p see it's still possible!
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