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  • muhahahaha on my computer your BoS account is still logged on =O ....dw i wont do anything xD unlike your abuse of my fb password ^_^ and just wait that means you know my BoS pword too =O lol
    GOsh while youre away on camp, youre not gonna go on BoS for a week...how bout you ditch the camp and come stay with BoS and me eh?? =P =P
    hey... u posted a comment or reply to my post bout the english standard and general math... i was jst wonderin who tutors u?
    you're doing Bio and Modern!!!! we doing the same subjects!!!! for Modern, we're doing the JFK thing, I've got Mr Watt, he's very good but..... just "the finger" bit. LOL But i love the topics (half of the topics). I don't really like the Vietnam War that much. I felt sorry for the soldiers who scarified themselves.

    Anyway, thanks for everything and good luck with school, assessments and everything. (btw, the Bio test doesn't really count towards anything, but to just let us have a feel of how the exams would be like, Nat got 7/8 for the multiple choice!!! she's too good)

    haha, thanks a lot!! :shy:
    You do have my MSN. lol And I wagged the Swimming Carnival to study too. Well actually, I didn't really get to memorise much stuff but I've manage to remember nore than half of the stuff (geeeze they're LOADS of infos =P)

    Angus' extremely nice!!! He helped me checking ALL of my Bio notes and gave me some feedbacks (and of course, correct some mistakes). The Bio exam was okay, pretty straight forward, but we only marked the Multiple choice questions (which I sucked at it soooooo much) I got 5/8 for that, very disappointed. But Mrs prowle gave us a marking guideline so we can mark them ourselves.

    Lol yes. Wow did she really tell you to do Standard? Because SHE was the head teacher I was talking about! :S lol
    wowow, u wrote 2 pages pretty damn quickly!!!!
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, vector lines, I TAUGHT YOU WELL!!!!!!!!!! ^_^
    ahhhh k, well at least its not tmrw or something =S

    oh and i gotta leave at around 7:20 ish =S lol thats like when i left my home on skool days!!!! lol
    ohhhhhhhhh well if ur writing big then, well then i have no clue!!!!!!! ^_^
    well looks like ur gonna be in pretty good stead for the exam xD when is it???
    ohhhhhhhhhk, well ye im on msn rite now, and will be for a while lol :D

    btw omggggggggggggg i just checked cityrail timetables, i gotta leave my house SO DAMN EARLY to get to uni =[[[ lol, early mornings here i come!
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