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    Is the excel study guide worth it?

    I hardly used the information in the guide but what I did use were the end of topic questions that covered every dot point. I completed all of those questions before every exam so that it would stick in my head so I would definitely recommend.
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    the name of the technique is?

    A comma placed for a specific effect is called caesura
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    Ancient History Textbook

    Hi Guys :) So I am currently studying the Personality of Pericles in Ancient History, however my textbook Antiquity doesn't have any information on the Pericles topic. Does anyone know if I can purchase an ancient history textbook with that topic or know of a textbook that has it? Thankyou...
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    Procrastinatin' subs

    Legal and ancient to avoid english.... actually anything to avoid english
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    How to structure this question?

    When your looking at any effectiveness question, your reviewing the positives and negatives and weighing up the benefits. Look at the areas of public and private law, and explain how the process helps in relation to the offender, victim and society as a whole in achieving justice. In relation to...
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    To memorise essays or not?

    I'd recommend not memorising essays. Your better off learning your quotes, techniques and a few sentences of analysis that you can use and adapt to any question which will allow you to answer the question more effectively.
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    Stressed about General Maths

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    Stressed about General Maths

    No actually its my fault I can't count I do 11 units and I forgot to include SOR 1 unit on my signature!
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    Stressed about General Maths

    This gives me hope thankyou!
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    Stressed about General Maths

    Hi thankyou so so much for your help and advice I truly appreciate it
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    Stressed about General Maths

    Thankyou for the reply I'm definitely going to do thing differently next time in preparation :)
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    Stressed about General Maths

    Thankyou I really appreciate your advice I'm definitely going to try and improve :)
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    Stressed about General Maths

    Hi thankyou so much for your reply! For a half-yearly it was actually worth 30% but later 15% when it comes to ATAR. I did do a lot of past papers however doing them in timed conditions is probably a better idea. Thankyou for all your advice it was honestly super helpful. 90's would definitely...
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    Stressed about General Maths

    Hi Guys, I got back my General Maths exams and I'm super disappointed with my mark especially because I studied so hard for it. I know that I wasn't the only one that was expecting to do better but I was hoping to improve my mark from 75% but instead went to 65%. I really need an ATAR over 90...
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    Traditional view of Sparta?

    Yeah I've looked into the Spartan Mirage which helped me a bit but I didn't think about looking under Ancient Writer so thankyou!