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  • Yes, I noticed that.. Then I couldn't unsee it.

    I really, truly did think it was a man in the ps-up position bouncing off the trampoline my hitting it.
    haha noo i meant my 'per aspera ad astra' but i guess you don't know where i got it from. Nevermind :D
    Hahah and yes we are done!!!
    I HATE MICRO. How did you go though?
    oh damn, i forgot LOL

    but he definitely aint no armin van buuren, but it was a surprise that he came third :O
    i wanted armin van buuren to be no.1, i'm glad he scored the hat trick :D:D:D
    haha hey moseley :D
    I will see if I can get some stuff for u, dw =)

    gl in ur exams mate. i am sure u will kill thm!!!! :D
    btw, is that the cover for you and i by park bomm??
    i havnt listened to the song yet, is it any good?
    LOL allnighter again!! you're gonna be sleeping during chem on monday imo xp
    i epically failed paper 2 and WTF was with qu6+7 from 3u????? there goes my hopes of an e4 :(
    lolol yeah ive been hearing a lot about the sor thing in the papers, atleast it doesnt count for yu! :)

    DONT BE SAD, BE HAPPYYYYYYYYYYY (like leona lewis' new song xD)

    dayyuum. yeah, in chem and eco... man, im gonna epically fail eco :(
    get back to me before monday, yeah?
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