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  • umm i think the course is roughly 6 grand a year...something along those lines! i haven't come across any maths, but a lot of people did general maths (including myself) and it is only recommended so they would teach all that stuff again! I think the main thing is to focus on getting the atar to get in, coz its REALLY competitive
    you can bombard me with all the questions you like! the atar required is 98.00, but UWS is very lenient. I got in with a 92.7; I received 5 bonus points for living in the area, (I'm not 100% what area it extends to, for me, I live about 10 minutes from campus so its really close!) I also received 0.3 of a point (although was eligible for 5) because an immediate family member was really sick during the HSC. As for subjects, it is recommended that you do mathematics, bio and/or physics but they aren't essential. However, I do stress that you do biology because a lot of physio is based on the human body which is linked a lot to year 11/12 bio, which even though they go through it, it REALLY helped me. Otherwise, it doesn't really matter what subjects you do (I did adv english, general maths, SOR2, cafs, bio and food tech which barely link to physio haha) Apparently some of the content links to PE but the concepts aren't as difficult to grasp as the biology concepts. Good luck!
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