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  • Hello there, I'm planning on transferring into physiotherapy next year and noticed that you're doing the course at UWS which I am considering as my first option. How are you finding the course and the subjects and would you know anything about the differences about doing it at UWS compared to USYD or have friends doing physiotherapy at USYD? Thank you!
    Hey I saw that you were doing physio at UWS, just wondering what subjects you did?, your ATAR and how your doing your masters cause I was interested in doing the same thing.
    Ahh of course... the good ATAR.. hm well I really do hope I can do well in the following years to make it into this course! :< Because I really have my mind set on it and I'm quite glad I do, rather than leaving it till my last minutes of senior year.. Thank you so much! I wish you all the best for uni! hehe :D
    Oh so you didn't do Chemistry? :O I was really intimidated when I read that a lot of students did all the 3 science subjects (bio, physics & chem).. How's the physio course in UWS? I am no good at maths and I really don't want to take it up in senior years either haha :< Do you recommend it?
    Hello! I read one of your posts and apparently you go to UWS for physio.. I was wondering what subjects you picked for year 12 and what the required ATAR is for the course in UWS.. I actually have a lot of questions but I don't want t bombard you just yet HAHA :< Please reply soon!
    Sorrrry I didn't have time to check BOS lately. Kept going home like at 9 these days. Yeah I created the group like at 11pm so most people don't check their Facebook that time. LOL don't be cut aahhahaha. I invited you :)
    Have you seen the HAP quiz yet? OMG there's so much questions and I don't even know half of them.
    I jst read the POP health learning guide and they won't over the assignment's details until week 5. And yeah for questions pretty much whatever you said, including counseling and making laws regarding working hours/pay (Awards and Union), ensuring the workplace is safe (environmental factor) etc...
    OMG kill me ICF is freaken 23 pages long... There's so many readings to do this week:rage:
    Yup that's me. And Julia is NOT Asian LOL. She's brunette (natural), tall and skinny. DA HELL? LOL Hope Ammitah likes my person. It seems like you got good support from friends who'd done the course. I chose question one because I think it's related to policies and laws (OH&S shizz) and whatever the lecturer was on about stress LOL. I wouldn't be choosing measuring health cuz I did that in PD last year and it was an ass. Didn't get good marks for it and im not planning to try again. If it's too hard I may do the last question, though there's too much to write about and I'll go over the word count.
    It's either Nicky or Liz because I don't think Jade was blonde. OMG are you Nick? Do you wear glasses? I am Asian.... So take an extra guess ahahhaha
    I think i'm gonna ask Maxine at PASS whether her cohort did well for the interview since it was the uni's first year the at the course was established. Have you figured out which condition and topics you're gonna be writing about for other assignments? I think imma be doing question one for Pop health, and osteoarthritis for Competencies. Hoping people don't choose the same cuz markers'll be comparing :p
    LOL. Population health is really not that bad ahahah. I think you're just pissed that you didn't get full mark for the quiz (most people don't). I AM SO SORRRY I can't remember your name omg.... The only girl names I recall from the role on wed are Jade, Erin, Natalie, Julia, Anne, Nicolette, Elizabeth and.... Are you in any of them? LOL. I'm so sorry
    WOW that IS lucky. Hopefully next time you and I will have that same sort of questions. (what does this stand for etc.) AHHAHA I wish....

    Nah the focus is based on Physio and the injury since we have to write like 1500 words on it and only 500 on the reflection. So I wouldn't be worrying too much on the critical stuff. ARE YOU FOR REAL????? I thought Amitah lets everyone pass on their first unit. WTF? Shouldn't they be marking easy since it's the first and we have no idea what's expected? OMG. I don't really know what to do neither. So lost.... just preparing my questions and finding information on the condition so it feels like I'm doing SOMETHING.
    Damn it I don't remember people's name ahahah. I will either be interviewing my grandma or a friend who had a knee reco. Has the thought of someone made up ever occurred to you? LOL, it's just going to be so awkward INTERVIEWING a person :blink2:
    Yeah I attempted it last night. Full marks. But WARNING: The questions are tricky and you should have a text book next to you. Won't be like last week. I think Imma start on the annotated bibs this week, just like gathering infos or something. OMG human anatomy is killing me T_T
    There's no Julie in our class, only Julia C or Julia M. So there's only one option left :wavey:. Are you Christy? Anyway have you attempted the second quiz online for Pop health? and found an interviewee yet?
    Yeah I went to PASS lol. You have a profound memory ahaha. Damn it I thought you were Erin ROFL. I haven't started yet, but I should. Sigh*** 3 essays due in the same week T___T
    damn i was so sure LOL. Yeah they were physio students. I went to PASS on Monday not this Thu. Let's see.... Are you blonde?
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