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  • Holidays are so uneventful but really relaxing.
    Can't wait for Wednesday (results), it's taking so long!
    How's everything for you?
    Ah lol. Dont think I could've put it that high!!!!!

    I've got Ancient and Extension 1 due this weekend. Yes. Weekend. Why, I don't know, it's weird.

    ok natasha
    skool is so fun
    got a business assignment today and finished it
    aiming high this you n wbu
    xcc is gunna go top 60 this year, y did u have to leave could of got top 50
    pretty cruzey ey, its basically smooth sailing- not much homework, but i am just doing summaries every night for each subject and then study cards on the weekend. Gotta lift me game in maths but, pe is very interesting and easy atm surprisingly but yeh i just added this thing so i got no idea on how to use it
    School is intense, as expected; but it's fine. Hang in there and we'll be able to come out the other end better people. How's life for you Elisa?
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