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  • Well it really depend on the text, and you.

    I hated module B, because we did Hamlet, and I'm pretty shocking with Shakespeare.

    It's a critical study of a text, so you need to go into a lot of detail, although that allows you to write about more, which can help you bulk out an essay.

    But they can also be really specific with the question too, so you need to have a really thorough understanding of your text too.

    But you might like it. I had friends who loved it as a module. It's individual I guess.
    Though don't just do what I did, if what I said doesn't really work with you, play around with the concepts

    Sorry if I confused you. But http://tutortales.wordpress.com/ is your best bet for some useful resources on MOD A


    Sorry for the two posts, it has a character limit on posts.
    Hey, it's a tricky area to find notes on because of the syllabus change.

    I really found "http://tutortales.wordpress.com/" a useful website when studying for english.

    He goes through things in a simple, yet sophisticated manner, which helps you grasp many concepts.

    The main thing to remember with this module is you're looking for similarites between the two texts. Find some areas of similarity that you can deal with well, and stick to them. Ask your teacher for some practice essay questions and write some essays and get them to mark them.

    I talked about how "both composers portrayed a fear of unchecked scientific progression", and "a love of nature". I just found some techniques that showed this in both texts and structured my essay around that. I.e sublime descriptions showed her beleif in nature blah blah blah...
    hey, yep, I went to some eco lectures when I had the time
    add me on msn if you want to chat anthoz_265@hotmail.com
    what school do you go to?
    I did economics in year 11 through distance education, as my school didn't offer it. I dropped it in year 12 as I was already doing 12 units and there was no need to continue doing 14.
    2011 HSC

    -English Advanced
    -Math Advanced
    -Legal Studies
    -Modern History
    -Studies of Religion 1
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