• Best of luck to the class of 2019 for their HSC exams. You got this!
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  • I'm glad to here that, I hope you have a nice day, btw its cloudy and rainy where I am lol, is it the same for where you are?
    Hmmmm well either way you're obviously the best person to decide that haha

    oh wow i hadn't heard about that news but it sounds pretty interesting, tbh I have gotten more into the news recently (one of the habits I have picked from my time off here is reading the news daily lol).

    You seem to have a really multi-faceted job haha I'm kinda jelly :p sounds great to have that much variety and scope in what you can do
    I guess if you drop it I'm assuming it's one of thsoe things you can pick back up later on anyway perhaps when your schedule is a bit more accommodating.

    I'm always interested in the type of projects you do, come up with any awesome ideas recently?
    Nice! :) sounds like it's going to be a very hectic few months ahead for you but I know you love what you do to the extent that busy is probably a positive in a sense lol. Glad to see you're keeping outta trouble u pesky troublemaker u :p (had a momentary mind blank for a synonym for troublemaker that wasn't scoundrel which just sounds too mean to use haha)

    Haha it's been very productive, I do miss people here, don't get me wrong, but I would be lying if i said my life outside of BoS hasn't been great in my hiatus, uni is going awesomely (even decided that the specialty i most likely want to go into is neurology) still in my relationship which i feel happier in every day (as corny as that sounds), getting rly busy with a lot of essays and creatives as students panic days out from the exams hahaha (fair enough, i was there once too and I would be an elitist douche if i pretend otherwise)
    25 words or less. Each round's loser chooses the next style (genre?). Judging panel of 3, I nominate strawberrye. Your turn
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