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    Share your 2009 ATAR here

    88.4 so stoke i just wanted more than 80 *o*
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    Japanese Beginners

    I thought it was a pretty easy exam, i think i went well ^o^
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    HSC exam structure?

    Probably leaving it a bit too late to ask but, how does the listening section work for the HSC? Does an examiner read it or do we get a CD or...? :D
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    General Thoughts: Mathematics

    i thought it was really horrible :____; hoping to god for a raw of about ~90-100 time to move on and prepare to be buttraped by extension tomorrow :(
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    School Prescribed Texts

    the single prescribed text i have like in my whole english schooling was 'in the skin of a lion', the list of the ones i didn't is too extensive to name =___=;;
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    Really sick and 7 days left

    thanks for the advice and support everyone >u< i think the medicine is finally starting to kick in and my headache is easing a little bit, so i'm going to do my best and see how I go (not much else i can do haha)
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    Really sick and 7 days left

    I've got an ear and throat infection and im starting a course of antibiotics but theres only 7 days before the english exam. My head is just aching and pounding and i can't concentrate on anything. I can't even sleep properly, what am I going to do?? ;___;
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    Rank Your Exams

    Japanese Economics 2U Math English Modules English AOS 3U Math
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    CAD and economic implications on Australia

    anyone got any handy information or sites available? trying to fill out my practice essay for exams
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    Romulus My Father

    Re: Romulus techniques I havn't found any resources for language techniques, and i'm having trouble analysing the text too, but this sheet has helped me out a lot; hope it helps :]
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    Romulus My Father

    Re: Romulus, My Father Study Guide thanks heaps :] this is going to be really useful =ω=
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    HSC 2008 Japanese Rollcall!

    はじめまして みんな Japanese beginners at Eden marine high via karabar distance school
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    2008 Preliminary Roll Call

    aloha :D my prelim subjects are english advanced 3U maths physics chemistry economics japanese beginners chemistry is getting the flick for the HSC =P
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    Advanced English Prelim Paper

    my half yearly was set out like that this time its 3 essays in 2 hours OTL