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  • That really depends what you want to do in life.
    I would have preferred to do Commerce/Arts or Economic/Arts, but I couldn't choose between the two of them, so I chose the middle ground. I'm aiming to do a Masters of Arts majoring in theology after I finish this degree.
    My majors at this point in time will be Accounting and Finance for Commerce and an Economics major for Economics.
    oh, i get it now. i tried to neg rep u for the lol's btw. i'll have to blast some people away with my insightful opinions to get some pts back
    neutral? doesn't it have one green thingy? im on 8 pts, lost a fair bit cos i argued with moll once
    more of the same really. the guy went to our school two yrs ago and explained the workload to us, then this unsw law head teacher tried to sell their course by telling us how highly rated they are
    it's more fun than doing english. i'm home sick. what else is there to do? except play room escape games. i can't think about school right now.
    oh, not complicated in that way
    just..yeah cbf explaining haha
    go crazy with fondue? easy!
    i just ate too much. then felt sick after. hahaha
    was well worth it though, doubled up as my breakfast this morning :)
    haha mean girls
    yeah didnt get up too much for it
    for certain reasonsssss :$
    but yeah its all good haha
    and yess im fine. me and a friend just went a bit crazy with fondue haha
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