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  • haha really? i jus clicked send you a message and couldnt find vistitor messages for some reason so i was like what the heck... haha nice. you know someone.? haha yeah mee too. that andrea person is from my school we both got in :) so me too haha. ahh yeah im lookin forward to the hsc (to get it over and done with) except english.. english will be the time where i preety much bend forwards and take it in the ass :(
    you're just jealous.

    eugh that sucks. i finish on tues, almost a week off school yayyyyyy.
    55 rep points in two minutes. you will never beat me gibbbbbbbbbbbbbo. =]] haha.

    how's maths study going? how was english? wrote 1.5 pages on yeats, and wrote, 'as interesting as maud gonne is, she is insignificant to today's audience and therefore of no value.' or something to that accord. haha. how many you got left?
    btw, they don't need to give reasons lol. I wasn't just good enough. I am just glad that I got up to Interview Stage hhahaha =)
    HAHAHAHA well, my other area wasn't sufficient enough. I should have completed more work experiences . Only fantastic part of my application form was academic, leadership and communciation area. I was absolutely CRAP at sports area and work expriences >.<
    At UNSW, yes. Do it if you're willing to spend another year at uni doing some more economics in exchange for an extra degree.

    i saw him say that, and i was like. 'oh that poor person, little do they know that they could not have picked a worse person to have said that to'."

    i lolled a lot when i read this.

    i also tried to rep you, and it wouldn't let me. =[[.
    so basically what you're saying is, 'female pushups and normal push ups are of the same difficulty, in fact, the only difference between them is that female pushups are less difficult'

    Not really. I worded it wrong. Sorry. I'll rectify it now with the following-

    'basically, female push ups are practically of the near same level of diffculty as normal standard push ups except that they don't test your core body strength'
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