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    Economics or Business Studies

    HSC was over like 5 months ago mate, no need to be a snake now ;)
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    Economics or Business Studies

    Got a higher atar than you, surely if I had it as #1 instead of #4 preference that spot would've been mine ;)
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    Economics or Business Studies

    Didn't even get a band 6 you retarded cunt
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    Is there any UTS parties coming up?

    Lucky i'm a business student then hey haha, when's this happening?
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    Is there any UTS parties coming up?

    Any off tap UTS parties coming up? What's o'fest like?
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    Economics or Business Studies

    Economics will scale so much better, but it's a difficult subject and requires a lot of time and effort to develop a way of thinking and writing to excel. Business studies is straight regurgitation of content which is piss easy and you can make a lot of shit up. As long as you memorise your...
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    Can you only sign up for these on wednesday?
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    How do new students get their Student ID card?

    So confused, how do I book a session and pick it up >.<
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    Cadetships 2014

    Go to the chartered accountants conference thing it's maybe in june/july.. Very good insights into cadetships and you meet and greet firm representatives and stuff like that really helpful
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    Thinking of dropping SOR2?

    You've got your priorities wrong if you're putting 50% of your time and effort towards one subject especially a piss take subject like SOR It's essential to be consistent across the board
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    Student Card

    When do we pick up the cards?
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    What to bring to Uni

    Just curious as to what you suggest a first year uni student should bring to their tutorials and lectures. Studying business/law if that helps! And how do you organise your notes? Do you use a new book per subject?
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    them Sydney Trains moments

    Was on the train back from Ivy Courtyard party on boxing day at about 11pm, when we met a bloke that was travelling from Grafton to Moorebank station (Which is honestly like 10hr train ride). This bloke pulled out a pipe from his bag and asked us if he smoked pot, we then dubbed him 'pipezy'...