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  • I predicted D-Day as well, BOS is so predictable at times. What were the questions for Germany and the personality?
    Im expecting 85-92 . Somewhere around there. This should be enough for my course!

    Arggg modern and legal too much content sigh... I know how you would feel!! Suffer a for only a bit and you'll enjoy peace!!!!!!! Good luck!! When you walk out of the exam room best feeling LOOOL.

    Stupid last exam, the supervisor was a douche -.-
    But the bad thing is that i didn't do too well for economics but my rank 1 should give me some benefits right?? I hope i can get into my course XDD!!!..

    Wow dam 2 exams >.< i know the feeling... 4 month holiday break is very close!! Go hard!!!!

    Tell me how you do also!! you'll do fine!
    Wish the best of luck for the remaining exams!!!!! It's a great feeling after the HSC although life seems a bit too calm which scares me hahah after all that stress from the HSC.

    Do your best!! Argg last exam pissed me off. The stupid supervisor was being mean to me and plus i wasn't too satisfied with my performance T.T
    That's such a shame! Do one at uni! It is true that not many people do them anymore, that's just how it is. I could understand 100% in the exams but you know, it's hard to really know what it's like overseas if you've never been! How's exams?
    they're great! mainly because the tests are very different to content subjects like english where you study different texts each year. The tests for the languages are always unseen texts and easy writing questions so not much stress with the exams! except for extension which is crap and there is analysis the same as english but the text is in french/german and the teacher doesn't really know how to analyse texts the way english teachers do
    hey no I don't do any maths anymore but I have some subjects during the maths days
    hey, thanks! I never knew that there was a list or anything in the 'settings' tab. I've never even clicked on that before. :haha:
    It's ok, I meant mine didn't show up for you. idk how it works anyway, maybe you need 2 for a 'green bar'. It doesn't matter =P
    thanks! repped back =)

    edit: it didn't seem to register. Maybe it takes a day??
    Hey man paper 2 was great. I loved it alot. I enjoyed writing for the whole 2 hours it was magnificent. Im so re-motivated to study again! Hbu?
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