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  • stay strong ;) thanks for your contribution
    I'm playing GTA IV right now and that got me thinking, will you make an appearance in the new GTA VI Mr. Bellic? Your fans need to know. :)
    Niko Bellic
    Niko Bellic
    Sorry for the late response jimmysmith560. My resurrection in GTA VI's Vice City is restricted by Rockstar's dictatorial control over the fictional world I exist in, whereby their recent inept development in the franchise and lack of recognition of the shoulders of the giants it stood on to get to its priviledged position, has left myself and many others forgotten by the millions who once cared. Regards N.B
    What can I say other than beautifully put. This is really reminiscent of Niko's own misery. Vice City will not be the same without our beloved friend Tommy, either...

    Hey, haven't seen you in ages!
    No wonder you disappeared out of nowhere.

    Sorry to hear about the family issues, hope it all ended up well on your end!

    Actually I think it MAY be to your benefit to start fresh in Sem 1, get to meet more people as the LAW cohort is much bigger!
    Whereas our cohort is tiny..

    Depends how you see it ;)

    Went to HK for 6 weeks at the end of November, haven't been on BOS since today.

    I didn't find law115 terribly hard , probably due to the multiple resubmission attempt.

    Make sure you're good with Law citations (footnotes) and don't slack off.

    It really requires time and effort! Wouldn't say it's hard though!
    I honestly don't know what I want to do anymore. At this point I am just working on uni to get an education behind me - beyond that is anyones guess.
    Sorry to hear that, hopefully 2013 goes a bit better for you.

    Law is quite tough and definitely not something to be underestimated. I havent done any extra-curriculars yet - to be honest, it's something I'm saving towards the end of the degree. I guess that at the moment, I'm not to sure where I'm headed with uni and stuff so I'm just waiting to get a clearer view of things.
    Not bad man - things are going ok I guess. I think we messaged each other at the same time!
    Congratz man - you deserved it. Are you going to make a guest appearance at the study meat?
    Being a law student is pretty tough, but if you're motivated (and have some natural talent) then its definitely survivable. As for me I am not too sure what I will end up doing - I'm considering dropping law altogether. I have been getting alright marks, but I just dont have the motivation (like I had for the HSC) anymore. I might continue on with business and work in the field for a couple of years before moving on to something different. Good luck with making law.
    Things are going good - assignments are coming to a close and exam preparation is coming up. Uni moves so fast, you have no time to take a break! So hows uni life for you? You might miss out on mid year intake, although with some solid marks you have a great chance for next years intake.
    oh shit you serious? that sucks man, have you thought bout just switching majors or something? I recon its not to bad seeing as how we get 2 electives in second semester and only have to do 1 core IR sub a year
    Thanks for the congratz. Uni has been orite for me - the workload is high but I'm more prepared for it now then I was last year - so I am getting on top of assignments quickly. Uni seems really daunting in the first few weeks but you realise that it isnt as intense as you think as you move on into the semester. The key is to get on top of things quickly, and to not waste time with stuff that is pointless.
    Hey krn! Do you happen to know a source where I can get essay questions for Tom Brennan? Cheers man.
    howdy ;)
    I saw that you had a minor for eco for int. studies, how do we find out how we do our minors?
    ATM mine is international studies with same major as you, international business. How do minors work with int. studies? i thought we just get IR automatically and choose a second major =/
    Not too bad thanks, just waiting for uni to start! I got into Criminology at UNSW, want to transfer to law hopefully next year. Btw, what was your ATAR? i dont think I asked you? Mine ended up being 92.45 lol. 96 was the desired one, oh well! :) What'd you get into?
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