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  • well, 3 unit was the paper from hell Dx I'm just not going to think about it >< Good luck for bio tomorrow. After 5 hrs in the exam hall today I feel so wiped out I don't know how I'm going to manage study for 3 unit eng on Friday. I guess I'll just look over my trial essay + creative and go in on a prayer lol
    well, I wouldn't call that exam easy =o!!! quite the challenge. I think I did ok though. I hope you did too. ^_^ No, she didn't take a common name - which was good I reckon. It's great to have an unusual name.
    Haha yeah well languages and words are like that. A family friend named her baby daughter "Sabah" but later found out it meant "banana" in Filipino... or some other language lol. She changed it xD Anyway, good luck with your maths exam tomorrow =)
    I have to say your username cracks me up. "Gob-by" means cauliflower in Urdu. xD I have no idea if that is intentional ^^ prob not lol.
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