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  • ugh, didn't like the 2u exam...it was 'ok' I guess. i'm not too fussed about it though, didn't expect to ace it anyways.
    Bio tomorrow (for me)! How was 3u? I've heard mixed opinions about it. Can't wait for the 5th =/ when all this shit is done, though i'm not looking forward to the results, hahahha.
    Yeah, you never know what your name could mean in another language. She should've kept her name!! Did she end up taking a common english name?

    Thanks, and good luck with 2u as well! i presume you're doing it as well?
    here's hoping that they slip an easy exam. =P
    Haha, wow. I had no idea that my username actually meant something! it sure wasn't intentional; at least cauliflowers are tasty. xD
    yeah but other people have it worse, i've learned. I jst hope i did enough. anyway i got lyk a wk break before my last two, so hopefully i wont be stupid enough as to waste it... :S

    Im doin manual...n i have 10 minutes on mine :D

    yes, first writer, so ur probably all set for creative, huh? I was surprised about that too! dont they have the same course elsewhere?
    Lol second teacher again. I'm sick of travelling all together, its been 1 n a half hours forward n back 4 six yrs now...i cant wait for the exams to end so i can finally start driving...lol only got 10 minutes on my license.

    Do you need to be qualified to be a poet? Theres a skrzynecki joke in there somewhere...

    Lol n have you heard al the negativity about UWS? Personally im not buying into that, but ive heard a lot...
    Lol ah okay

    Well a lot of stuff...i applied for things in every field, just gnna pick the best i can make.

    Wat about you?
    Yeh i do...stalker...lol n u go 2 sydney girls?

    youve got a lot of time on ur hands, huh?
    Hey... Thanks for the good wishes, same to you!
    I don't know for sure who you are though... Is it Maryam?
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