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  • Not much just drinking bourbon and watching bad tv home alone. Might play ps3 soon.
    I noticed with the pic you sent there's a reddit with even more. Any other reddits you can recommend for pics of real guys with more than just a close up cock shot? (obvs pm me rather than visitor MSG :p)
    It isn't that much easier in the city, if it's a same sex relationship you desire. I find one night stands are the norm, espescially with crap like grindr. I too yearn for a meaningful relationship. On the other hand, i think the bigger the city the easier it is to find a relationship with a woman. You want to end up in Newcastle yeah?
    It's slightly depressing that I'm out and proud and have had less than that :p but there you go. Well, that's good to know, I do appreciate your candor, How life treating you, still out Bathurst way?
    He's a cutie pie. Ok, let me rephrase, have you ever taken it up the bum from a guy, if not, would you like to. Have you ever been sexually intimate with a guy, and if not, would you like to. You can PM response if you'd rather. I not trying to have a go, or get my kicks or anything, it's just I've always wondered.....that day you came to visit me, I was so close to pulling you aside and kissing you, but I've never actually been sure whether the attempt would have been futile because you weren't into that or you just weren't into me.
    Marginally, where did you get the pic? Also, srs question, what's your deal, are you gay/bi/flirtatious or what?
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