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  • I have been good. However, just a bit busy with uni at the moment as midsemester exams are slowly approaching. So how have things been for you?
    Why are you looking at my page for? Do you have a permit? No. Hehehe I kid I kid ah like buddy buddyy :) whatcha up to sistarrr. How are the cupcakes comin along? Gimme one tomorrow btw, either one I'm not picky, strawbrrry, vanilla and chocolate...I'm the icecream man, I sell napolitana :) white chicks hahahaha ahhrghhhhh I choked.
    reply, you weirdo. whats hard about logging on and replying to your sister huh? :D :D
    just cos youre studying for your yearly exams!!.....youd better reply soon or im not going to buy you another bubble gum mcflurry...ill make you pay for it.
    heyyyyy :D :D :D :D :D
    whats up dude? havent heard from you in aggesss.!!!!! no wonder!! youre sitting right next to me thats why :D :D :D
    I totally understand, as I had multiple teachers and was never really good at it until I just had my yr 10 teacher. That's not cool, she should have tried to explain it simpler.

    It really sounds like you enjoy your mathematics if your considering architecture or engineering. Personally, I'm more into English, and Technology. I think that a couple of people I know were going to do chemical or civil engineering once they left school.

    Planning on going to Newcastle Uni after finishing my IT courses. Yeah, it's awesome I've met heaps of new people and should be receiving some of my accreditation soon by post.

    Yes, they look really nice. I haven't seen many picture albums on here so it is quite colourful and vibrant.

    *Boser- a user of this site. (BOS is the acronymn for Bored of Studies).* Don't worry I didn't really know what it meant at first either.
    That's good to hear! :)

    lol, nice! I hope that you are enjoying them.

    Yeah, towards the end it got annoying as we had a trainee teacher and he didn't really know what he was doing. :( Our normal teacher was cool + I knew her since I was little.

    I'm currently doing some courses in IT before doing primary teaching at Uni. As I wanted to have both experiences in case one doesn't work out. :) Wbu, what are you considering doing once you finish school?

    Awesome monsters album by the way. Is it a mixture of some of the Bosers avators? Because some of them look the same.
    hello muhahahahaha :) dude, how u going? sucked in, u stayed up all night doing ur geography even tho its due on friday!! :):):):):):) lmao, thats just funny :)
    That's good to hear. How do you think that you went?

    I ended up doing Commerce, Japanese and IST for my electives in year 9. They were pretty good, although Commerce was a bit annoying at times.

    During my HSC I completed, Advanced English, General Mathematics, Senior Science, Design and Technology Multimedia, IPT and CAFS. I wanted to do Jap Continuers, English Ext or Business Studies, however there wasn't enough numbers for Jap and Eng Ext + Bus Studies was on the same line as DAT. :(. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the majority of my subjects. :)

    lol, I am sure that you'll enjoy them!! :read: :D
    'What a mess'??? You should've just written about the test! (sorry, very very very bad dad joke.) :D Oh well. I remember year nine was pretty fun, especially in English and Science (well, some of the time at least). History and Geography remained a bum, and PE got even shitter as the theory work you do increases in quantity yet not in quality.

    What did you write about for the story btw? I remember for the NAPLAN my friends and I all decided we'd try to revolve each of our stories around a hat of some sorts (I wonder if the markers picked up on this... probably not). I did mine on the sorting hat from Harry Potter, and turned it into a parody of Harry Potter and LOTR. I recieved a terrible mark and got a comment that I had absolutely no creativity or originality and was inept at literature. Well they can go get stuffed because I'm doing Eng Ext and coming close 2nd in my year! Anyway. :D
    That's good to hear! :) Year 9 was a pretty good year for myself!

    The last few of your subjects are those that I wanted to do. However, they were on the same lines as the others or didn't get enough numbers to run :(

    haha, yep. You got me, yeah I checked the about me page! :D Yeah, I don't mind the Order of the Phoenix either. You really should read them whencver you get the chance, their quite magical (lol excuse the pun)!

    Good luck with your NAPLAN exams this week, hope everything goes well for you! :read:
    You'll do fine! You have the NAPLAN tests don't you? I hated those!!!! Especially the creative writing part. I mean, honestly, if you want to measure someones academic abilities, give them a test that ISN'T mundane and extremely boring, rather something that is in the least way challenging and stimulating to the brain cells. Ga!

    You're subject choices are pretty good. (Are languages offered at your school btw?) Have you thought at all about subjects for the HSC? (Long way off, I know, but still) :D
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