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  • hey, it's probably none of my business, so feel free to not answer, but what exactly is the go with your brother? You can PM me if you prefer, or not answer at all.
    hahaha, formspring is so evil. people are really mean to me on it :( (have u seen mine i get accused of being a pedo!). and you seem to have a hell of a lot of stalkers
    Lol, it's okay, it was rather sweet, in a strange way, you're very lucky to have her as a mum.

    Me? I'm blisfully enjoying being in a relationship, and being the couple in the corner just spends all night snogging (i used to HATE those couples, now I'm one of them!) and work is allright, i did a shift at Woolies tonight, was really strange, there's a nice feeling about having it as a second job, if anybody gives me shit, i would feel free to just abuse them as i dont really need it as a job anymore :p
    Hey, whats going on? I haven't posted anything on your formspring but yeah, you seem pretty pissed.
    Well that's good :) um I have like a migraine and tonsillitis :( one of the sups from last night read it and was like awwww that's sweet haha
    Well I'm sure you are the best supervisor :p haha awwwk at least you'll be getting paid again lol. I need to write a facebook apology to everyone I worked with for being a whiney bitch tonight lol I was so sick!!
    Well that sucks! :( Im sick too I have the worst headache ever. I gotta work at 4 but I don't mind coz I have the best sup on tonight :)
    when will you be back to work lovely?
    Wixxy and I were pretttty bored yesterday arvo/evening, haha.

    We'll help you ;) I consider facebook to be one of my ultimate life skills. Our group is looking super epic right now.
    Well I haven't been laughing :(

    Nah but seriously, even though the people in my store don't know about the bos thing, I'm still sick of their shit. My SSM started on me yesterday about it :(

    Get facebook. Now.
    Heyyy! Thanks :p, tbh I think I would too.
    I'm gunna put the idea to my CSM about teaching me smokeshop. I'd love to work under you sir :D

    Bye for now.
    :( I'm sorry to hear that, i don't really know what to suggest in terms of your problem, unless you can find somebody IRL to talk too?

    I like the new hair though, and well done on the 3IC stuff.
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