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  • not really, im 15 and yes i am in year 11. I know someone 6 days younger than me whos in my grade...
    Anyway i might be doing pathways so..
    Yeah she and he comes in ALL the time, she collapsed, he was trying to do CPR but couldn't do it properly. He kind of looks dopey and always has his head looking down. She basically 'looks after him'.
    Hey man did u hear about the man who overdosed in northland last night? Some paramedics came through coles and got us to open the doors (this was like at 6:15ish pm) and they went left into safeways direction. Got a friend to have a look at the emergency database because she works at emergency services and apparently some bogan overdosed.
    Im suprised none of these bogans have od earlier.
    Nah, he was definitely not a manager....his been working for coles northland for a while though...but his definitely not a manager.
    Uhh cant remember his name...think it might be phil? Dont really know much about him, but he seems ok.
    Hey =D
    First shift of 3IC today..it was good. Learning rosters tomorrow...thats exciting!
    How is self serve? Do you ever get sick of it? I do it like..once every two weeks and I'm fucking sick of it...people just dont listen to you...then they get angry when it doesnt work..lol.
    Yeah lol we get all these riff raff who're like "omg the titles 'Woolworths thread' looks like 'Coles thread', I am now gonna post all my Coles stuff in Woolworths!!!" hehehehehe :p

    I know I'm heaps mean right?? I guess I take after you rofl.
    We have coles people always talking in our thread, and you don't rip into them!
    I know you hate me, it's ok :p
    Hey whats going on? How is work?

    I reckon youd make a good supervisor! If I ever get CSM you can totals come work for me. hahaha.
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