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  • That's good, He-mann. Your heart and body is telling you to go all the way with me. With your hand in mine, we will delve into the intricacies of mathematics and brain science. You will take me to the land of milk and honey, and i will let your mind succumb to all the pleasures of desire. The train has arrived, will you collect your ticket? Your family and i are waiting...
    He-mann, i'm soo drunk right now and i've realised that life is too short for my incoherent ramblings. You're the key to my door, the dog to my bone, and i can't go on much longer without your unconditional love. Be mine for now and forever, yes?
    He-mann, i just want to say that i care about you and i need you in my life. Will you accept my offer? Just say yes.
    its called pretending - having a sense of decorum in the law field, whilst holding back my real opinions. It's not hard to put on an act rice farmer
    sorry man dont mean to be rude. was your wam 78 for ipt law? thats all i want to know also when did you transfer?
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