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    http://community.boredofstudies.org/showthread.php?t=310541 guesstimate my atar pls

    http://community.boredofstudies.org/showthread.php?t=310541 guesstimate my atar pls
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    Is it possible to memorise 3 900 word essays in a day?

    I just memorized 2 essays in 35 mins :)
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    Thoughts: CSSA English Paper 1

    Who's genuinely unprepared for tomorrow?
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    HELP - Louis Pasteur

    Louis Pasteur’s swan-neck experiment, his conclusions and issues regarding validity Thank you! Espec. the validity part.
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    Who is genuinely feeling like they lost all hope?

    I got 50's to 70's for the half yearlies all :(
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    Atar estimate

    86 - 88 school rank is bad
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    can someone explain?

    if I get a 70 internal, does bos moderate it? or is it averaged with my external? what if I get 90 there what if my school marks harshly, and how do they moderate it? my atar is screwed
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    demotivated to the fucking max

    possible for 80's? half yearly results with cumulative rank on top of other assessment eng std 90 - 8/70 Bio 60 - 20/40 legal - 90 - 2/19 sor 2 - 85 10/19 bus - 60 - 13/51 ?? School rank: 90
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    Help - possible for 80's?

    STANDARD English: 5/70 Business: 30/50 Legal: 3/19 Bio: 10/40 SOR: 14/19 School rank: 120's
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    Need skrzynecki essays! And creatives

    I need excellent essays about Skrzynecki and creatives that match last years stimulus! Thanks PM ME ASAP!!
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    Need high qualified english tutor to proofread essay and creative!

    Pm me with your credentials! Urgent! Go! B6+
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    Any 97+ english tutor pm me now! Got a job to do! $50!