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  • Not bad, not bad :)

    Is your english assessment this week? You may be able to push the past paper + note making work to the holidays since there's only a week left
    Uhh, I'd say I went "meh" at best actually (really really weird question for english)

    Did you feel everything went okay with you?
    Yeah I'm gunna do the UMAT anyway, but not sure if I'll devote time to it or not. S3 the easiest? Lol I find S2 easier than the others

    For S2, wouldn't it be better to read the questions (not the options) and then the passage?

    Thanks heaps though, will keep it in mind :)

    Have you done your half yearlies yet?
    (continued. lol I talk too much)

    Maths is really enjoyable now actually. So much crap in Y11! I had my MX1 half yearly today and I had fun doing it LOL (lost marks though so fml)

    I really like how you're not like "Awww it's 0k bby u'll do foine cos I know you're the smartest bestest little pukka in the world :) ", and what you just said, I feel, will help
    It's amazing how increasing tertiary qualifications sort of lines up with decreasing ability to teach HSC material, I've noticed a little bit. Sounds a little like my chem teacher too, but tbh I like how he focuses on the RHS of the syllabus. Good luck with physics then hahahha - difficult subject (for me at least) and if you have a not-so-great teacher then it can really lead to an uphill battle.

    LOLOL I meant you teaching me on how to be motivated hahaha, I'm not going to waste your time in teaching me the HSC content or anything. I'm thinking of giving up on UMAT tbh, cos I just want to do well in the HSC, but thanks for the suggestion anyway :)

    HOLY CRAP LOLOL even my hair is enormous right now, but it isn't cos I'm spending too much time studying ahahaha. See you on the state rank list ;) Army? Respect right there :) Might need to get haircuts more often though if you're to work with them
    Science FTW (not physics. Ew. Physics.)!! I love how there isn't THAT much rote, and everything fits in together somehow

    I don't really know at this stage. I'd love to be a research scientist/something to do with the environment or Ag. But that's only if I don't get into med (lol. lol. lol... lol), but my interest in med fluctuates, so I really don't know.

    If you're good at being motivated, then do you want to teach me? Cos I procrastinate way too much
    Didn't see your post on my wall :SS

    Hi :) Your subjects seem quite heavy, how are you coping?
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