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    I think I did well for all subjects, my highest was probably chem and MX1.
    This week is gonna be super hectic for me :( Gotta work on ModB for english and prepare for tutor test for mx1 and mx2 and do 2011 and 2010 chem and phys papers and work on chem and phys notes... not sure if I can get all that done but will try my best =)
    Yes, I think it is better to read the question first but not the options =)
    I have done my half yearlies, haven't received marks for all subjects though.
    How did you go in your half yearlies?
    If you don't want to spend time preparing for the UMAT and concentrate on achieving the highest ATAR you can get then just do the UMAT even if you don't practice just in case you change your mind later! Practice isn't really essencial. I can give you a very simple strategy to how to do the questions:
    Section 1: Read the options before you read the passage so that you read with purpose and choose the answer that is clearly supported by the passage.
    Section 2: Read the passage carefully and then read the question without reading the answers, think about the answer then read the options.
    Section 3: This is IQ, it is the easiest section IMO.
    This is a very simple strategy to doing well in the UMAT so just do the test! Medicine is an awesome career!
    For your other subjects, start doing past papers while learning the content. Try to get 40 past papers done before the trials and about 60 before the HSC.
    Good luck :)
    I like physics a lot but my teacher is very stupid. He has a PhD and used to work in research which may seem impressive but he is very slow and teaches from first principles which makes him not a very great teacher for the HSC. The thing is that these people think they know it all and don't take advice from experienced people who have succeeded in the HSC.
    That would be great but I am very busy (this may sound crazy but I have no time to even get a hair cut...) but we can do UMAT practice on the weekend! (I have a lot of UMAT material).
    It took me a lot of time to make a decision as I was contemplating doing either medicine, science or engineering but I chose medicine due to a multitude of reasons. I would still be happy with engineering though because I like maths! Ultimately I want to work for the army in what ever field I pursue =)
    Never procrastinate! Remember that you will regret every moment you waste after the HSC :(
    Luckily I enjoy studying them because I find science interesting, I hate english advanced though :(
    What do you want to do at uni?
    No that did not narrow things down -_-
    uncooperative I see
    sigh ok you dont have to tell me who u r, though I am damn curious now haha
    Are u one of the many girls I was into? HAHAHAH
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