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  • hey i just got a question in terms of the ESL belonging essay. how many words are you writing for supplementary in comparison to your two core texts ?
    like below 300 I think, but i know for sure, it's not around 200 or above at all.
    Damnn Catholic school O_O, is it strict?
    Ive never heard of your school either.
    yep, my school rank is terrible compared to yours :D, your ranks are superb :D
    Oh thank God, at least I wasn't hallucinating about your gender status :D:D
    Do you go parra high?
    Wow nice ranks :)
    But I have to own the externals too :D:D
    LOL and I thought u were a girl... :( Im sorryyy
    I don't know why, I swear I think I saw your gender as female, the first time I talked to you :D:D
    :L:L I feel soo bad!
    Haha, Dw about it :D
    Lol your friends are soo sad, btw u beat me in SC for eng, I got 85 :L
    Mr ranks are

    Chem - 2/?
    Physics - 1/?
    Bio- 1/?
    Maths- 2/?
    Maths ext 1- 1/?
    Eng- 3/?

    LOL, sorry about the question marks, I have to go through my school report and find out the numbers :D

    Btw this is going to sound a bit stupid, but are you a girl or a guy? O_O
    I did better in Physics than in Chem, I got 99 :D
    but, im still not that confident in physics, probably more in bio.
    Btw, did you choose ESL cuz u couldn't be bothered doing standard or adv, cuz srsly ur eng is good :)
    LOL now i'm confused, but oh Well. I wanna get an atar of 96+ , my major goal is to get into UNSW MED but they usually accept student ATARS of 99ish =[ not cool.
    As for the Umat results, I'm not really looking forward to it :(
    LOl my trials finished 1 day before the UMAT =[, I wish I practiced more though, but yeh. What Atar are you aiming for and what uni do you want to get admission into?

    But yeah Best of luck for your Umat results :)
    hehehheheehe.............. um :D terrible :D. I was actually pree sad, that i was busting at the start of the test for like 3 hrs. They didn't let me go. My mind wasn't thinking clearly, but even in the likely chance I screw up this years UMAT, I'll just try again next year :D
    Wbu??? :D
    I know English = eww

    Srsly, I think 77 is exceptipnal considering you studied the day before, you must be super-duper smart :D. Hahah no worries, I'll let you know. Besides, I very much like your comment on that "Indian' thread haha :D
    I've been trying to finalise english atm, as with the other subs, no, I need to get my option topics nailed down ASAP. Haha, have u been studying hard?
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