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  • Wow, that is amazing! Thank you so much, I payed $30 for something similar (10 practice exams and interview guide) on Ebay.
    Thanks heaps, and like I said, no problems :) <3
    That is the same with me, I am more confident in the interview than the ATAR and UMAT hurdle.

    No, I haven't taken any UMAT or Interview classes. I joined Medstudentonline; that said, I do tend to fuss over these kind of things. My classmates come to me for Uni advise on anything instead of the careers advisor. If you are interested in UMAT seminars, you can ask here in the Med section. If you go on Medstudentsonline, they have various questions composed by the members that are like the questions. However, it does not allow UMAT seminar discussion.

    No problems with the questions- like I said, I am happy to help :)

    Also, here is a link to the mock questions in UMAT ( go to 2nd post)
    This is going to sound bad after you just said that you are somewhat uninformed....

    UWS uses a MMI interview system, which is like a multiple stage interviews. Each stage is called a station, and there are 8 overall. Each station you are presented with a different problem. This could be an actor who you have to sooth, explain why you want to do medicine, or be presented with an ethical dilemma and verbally sort through it. UNCLE/UNE has also switched to this system. :)
    No problem, thanks for the appreciation :)

    Medstudentsonline is an extreamly useful website. I don't think UWS is a bad uni; especially when it comes to medicine- their facilities are brand new and amazing!
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