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    Who is screwed in Maths?

    Actually.... i like maths lol well... when i get the answers right and understand it [;)] 2u exam was okay actually i just think they asked us to draw/sketch TOO much
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    Questions were too broad

    i did Human Story as well the option wasnt that great.... the 7 mark question was cool.... but i forgot what lEaky and them did. kinda made it up [:p] 8 marks for a RBC prac, unbelievable.. couldnt even DRAW it properly.. Koch and Pasteur was cool though... [:)]
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    How Easy Was It

    Well....... umm.... chem wasnt as bad as i thought it would be suprised..... some odd questions... bio was cool... phys was err... okay.. if only i hadnt made so many stupid mistakes... my option industrial (for chem) wasnt bad eiither i heard S&S wasnt that hard though... hnmmm
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    If you were Guaranteed a uni entry...

    actually id still study.. just not my arse off... i wouldnt like ppl to ask me what my UAI was and have to say 50something... i would feel like crap.. and i would be interested in what i would get too:cool:
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    I have the questions and answers to all 2002 HSC exams!!!

    MADDDDDDDD!!! lol :p always wanted to ace english!! like this:chainsaw: lol... there goes my teachers head...:D
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    I SAW THE ENGLISH PAPER, it was in a box, but still

    err.... maybe if it was maths!!! or phys or chem or bio... but it wouldnt have helped and extreme much more if it was english hehe
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    Are you using a fancy quote about change at the beginning of your essay?

    this would only relate if it was about consequences For ever action there is an equal and opposite reaction - Sir Isaac Newton
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    God vs Human story

    u mean our biology TEACHER right.. not our biology :D
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    Section III Questions

    ummmm "Some people seek change, while others have change forced upon them" How have the composers of the texts you have studied represented change in these texts?
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    Panick time!!

    who would have thought that after 13years of schooling.. that this day would finally be here.....
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    industrial chem

    yeah... i was looking for notes on this option too your teacher rushed it? lucky you,..... we did the whole module ourselves.......:o :chainsaw:
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    mines next friday!! and its at some oatlands thingo too....' we got our limo for 220... for 7 ppl.. that was 32 each or something.... dont know if u classify that as cheap or expensive..
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    Vote your subjects!

    how many units are u guys droping?!?!?!
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    Study Study Study

    yeah, she/he should mark and give them straight back to u... otherwise just keep on pushing and asking her... or him sorry...
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    comprehensive.. ur 49.5 mark should get rounded up to 50 so at least u passed our teachers dont even mark with half marks