• Best of luck to the class of 2019 for their HSC exams. You got this!
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  • Thanks for the response! Do you plan to become a barrister? And do most legal practitioners take the bar exam or do the majority stay as being solicitors? I don't necessarily want to go into criminal/civil litigation and therefore being a solicitor seems to be a more appropriate choice? Am I correct in saying this? I do have good communication skills but I feel more content in fulfilling a solicitor's job description. Thanks again.
    Hey, thanks for the insightful response in my thread. I was wondering about your job as a Workplace relations adviser - how are you liking it? And when you finish your GDLP, what are your plans and what field of law are you looking to get into? I assume the GDLP is needed so you can practice as a solicitor/barrister? Sorry for the long message! Would be appreciated if you try your best to answer these! Thanks:D
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