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    Court Hierarchy-jurisdiction of state and federal courts

    isn't it usually in chapter one of the textbook? if not try looking at the index for direction.
  2. J

    Rules of Evidence

    You would need to look at what part of the process we are talking about - cross examination, investigation procedure - including questioning and evidence gathering, etc. As this question is so broad you would need to look into specific issues.
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    I am not quite sure whether or not I will pursue a career as a barrister. I am not sure about...

    I am not quite sure whether or not I will pursue a career as a barrister. I am not sure about how many solicitors turn into barristers. You might choose to become a barrister later in your career say after 5-10 yrs of practising as a solicitor...
  4. J

    Human resources and Industrial relations

    I am not just a human resources grad I am a law grad, and I am going into the law field specialising in workplace relations law. I never said I was an expert in human resources.
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    Hi I am glad my message assisted you. In regards to my position I am only new to it and...

    Hi I am glad my message assisted you. In regards to my position I am only new to it and will definately keep you posted after I have finished induction etc. I will be finished my GDLP in July and admitted as a solicitor in august. You do need a practising certificate (which means...
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    Human resources and Industrial relations

    You have to start somewhere and they were not all paper shuffler jobs. They were practical and really helped me gain experience to move forward and get ahead amongst other graduates.
  7. J

    Human resources and Industrial relations

    Hi :) I have completed the degree in human resources and industrial relations with a law degree and there are many jobs around as it is in high demand and always changing :) During my university studies I have worked in the following jobs: - 2 paralegal jobs work experience (one mid...
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    looking for Eco textbooks!

    try here Textbook Exchange - Welcome to Australia's largest second hand textbook site
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    Reckless UWS Student

    Hey Everyone I had my car (Burgundy/Red Honda Civic) parked on the Parramatta Campus from around 8:30am until 8:00pm in the car park next to the tennis court. A car (white one) has hit the whole passenger side from front to back and scrapped the whole paint off. The damage will cost me...
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    Contract rules and Employment Law

    did you go through the difference between contract for services and contract of services?
  11. J

    ALSA Conference

    Thanks :) It does.
  12. J

    ALSA Conference

    Who has been before? How much does it cost?
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    At the end of your degree...

    An academic transcript includes all the subjects you have attempted the mark you obtained and whether it is a fail, conceded pass, pass, credit, distinction or high distinction. At the end of the transcript it will state your GPA or WAM whichever system your uni uses.
  14. J

    Assessment help

    i know the answer, but i would prefer not to give it to you at this point, not because I am mean, but because I think this type of stuff you will remember it better if you look for yourself. If you check your syllabus for crime and your textbook the answer is right there its literally written...
  15. J

    Assessment help

    It might not necessarily mean that there are 12 possible charges as in reality this is quite rare. There may be a certain amount of charges and you will need to identify from the case study the examples or correct case law or legislation so ideally your answer should look like this: Charge...