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  • Hi, I saw your signature and was wondering if I could get your extremely detailed ancient notes? Please msg me soon!
    lol if marx himself couldn't sell me marxism I doubt you'll fare any better. but yea if you don't wanna become an indoctrinated unthinking drone then make sure you pick critical thinking as an elective and practice what you learn. you'll see that marxist economics is just as biased and pseudoscientific as mainstream (neo-classical) economics. seriously if it weren't for econometrics, experimental and behavioural economics I would even go as far as to call the entire field of economics a pseudoscience.
    nah not really if you study behavioral or experimental economics then it's mostly research

    by the end of your degree you'll most likely become a socialist don't worry :(
    Yeah it should be alright, i'll just mull it over a bit over the week. Ohhh yeah I have heard of the notorious Jess, but I heard to the contrary-I actually heard she was a bit of a noob at life??! Not that awesome (;

    Anyways heyheyhey jessxxr, this method of talking is kinda tedious in my opinion, i'm thinking we should move over to facebook (that is if you have it)?--If that's not too much of a creepy request from your bpess buddy 4 lyf..lawl

    In any case, I'm going to head to bed right now and avoid another all-nighter. 'twas nice talking to you :]
    what makes you want to do political economy/international studies instead of pure economics? plz don't tell me ur a socialist/leftist :( :(

    yeah it seemed to have fooled everyone so far I don't know why :( can't they tell that im actually full retarded :(
    I have to say you have chosen very well my friend ;)-OmGeee we Cn Totes b BfFls 4eVa and eVa in our lecturesssss.
    Anyways.... I'm also tossing up between worl pol and intro to pol. science. I've heard a couple of bad things about world pol being really repetitive and stuff but i'm also afraid intro to pol sci will be too Aussie-centered-let's admit it, international things are much more interesting :p

    I did Geo pol, Economics as a social science and intro to sociology as well as modern european history for 1st semester.
    And then yeah intro to pol sci (for now), international economy and finance, intro to sociology 2 and twentieth century european history. woooohooo.
    I'm really not too sure about history anymore though, the counter course booklet-thing seemed pretty convincing in talking down the history department so idk, might go with philosophy or arabic/spanish instead-we shall see..!
    what did you wanna study at uts? im kinda ambivalent toward unsw atm I can't find a major there that's similar to computational science

    nahhh im nut smart im actually mentally retarded i just pretend dat im smart n ppl seem 2 beliv me11!!
    just go through the unit outline and see which major interests you.

    actually I might end up at unsw lol still waiting to see if I get a late round offer. yeah but if im staying we cab totz be frenzz! omgzzzz what are your units for sem1 bby we might share da same prerequisites we can b study buddz n stufff111!!

    and by study I mean sex
    that's easy what interests you? just pick something you want to study.

    lol no.
    hint there's a reason I went to the usyd forum and it's not you (srry)
    ohhh I see, my sincerest apologies, I was running on about 5 hours sleep--not at my most alert- so I must of missed you D: And I also spent about 15 minutes trying to find the law annex thing then realised there was a super huge arrow pointing right to it-smart one Jake...
    Yeah I'm not sure, there were a few pretty hip looking people around, one girl had some crazy hippie clothes, red hair and a septum piercing--you couldn't miss her-- buttt that wasn't her haha. I don't think the one near me looked particularly distinctive. Anywaaaayyyss- yeah of course, very smart move :D

    So what subjects did you end up going with?
    isn't that a glorified liberal arts degree lol what's your major?

    comm/sci @ u knw where bby
    It was pretty good yeah, I think I was waaaaaayyy more prepared than most people there =\ hahaha. Some chick next to me han no idea what subjects she wanted to consider doing, so I think mine must've went a bit better than hers lawl. But uhh yeah I spent way too much time there though, I ended up filling out completely one of the fee help forms and then realised my parents wanted to pay upfront. Not fun.
    And yeh the mentor people were pretty lols as I think you found out...So not too bad all in all.

    How was yours? I didn't see anyone with a jessxxr shirt or sign though, pretty disappointed.
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