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  • Your inbox is full but I has question.

    "Say you fail a subject, and repeat it in summer school and get at least a distinction, what effect does that have on your WAM?"

    "Do an internal transfer and only take over the units you passed (you can't bring over fail units anyway)
    Do this two semesters in a row to get back to your original degree.

    You're welcome."

    Can you explain what you meant by this? So I transfer from my current degree to another carrying over passed units, and then transfer back doing the unit I failed and the failed unit is replaced?
    Hi Riproot!

    I stumbled upon your profile and have a few questions. I will be studying BMedSc at Usyd starting next year and was wondering wether your experience of transferring to MBBS in UWS midway was worth it? Are you repeating med in UWS from the first year (so 5 years in total?)? Was it hard to transfer midway? How is the MBBS program in UWS?

    So sorry for the tons of questions I have!
    Sorry my message is too long

    I'm screwing up the second semester as well so dropping my studies now would be good if uac actually did only take into account my atar but i'm not sure if they would. What do you think i should do? I really want to move to UNSW but as of right now, i'm not sure i'll be able. Please help me. It would be greatly appreciated.

    Hey Riproot!

    I just posted a thread (http://community.boredofstudies.org/330/transfers/328608/usyd-b-sci-unsw-comm.html) here regarding my current position. Hopefully you have read it by now but as you can see, i want to transfer to UNSW because of my crappy marks and how i want a fresh start at UNSW. MY did terribly at USYD, failing a unit of study and a half (the half was 3 credit points of math) in the 1st sem and barely passing the rest. I recently read your post on this thread (http://community.boredofstudies.org/330/transfers/308752/usyd-transfer-confusion.html) and i am seriously considering discontinuing my studies at usyd just for my atar to be calculated but i'm scared that it might not work for some reason.

    I was wondering what would you say is the best mark to get for UMAT in terms of the whole 6 students thing. & does your GPA matter that much?
    Lastly, say i get UMAT tutoring for about 10 weeks by someone who got 99 percentile and 100 percentile (she sits for UMAT every year, yeah its crazy) Do you think that would be beneficial? A response ASAP would be awesome thank you
    Hey Riproot, I just enrolled in medicine at UWS and I was wondering if you could suggest any useful resources to look into, whether you believed the bridging courses offered were really useful or otherwise, and whether you were interested in tutoring for first year med?
    ...I don't even remember asking about this hahaha.
    But eh...already got UNSW optom. UWS science is too risky. I'd rather have optom as a back up than have UWS science as a back up, because let's be real even if you kill your GPA it pretty much all comes down to UMAT.
    Thanks though :)
    Hey man, I was wondering how you got into med?
    What uni course did you do before you transferred and for how long?
    How did you study for UMAT. Thanks
    Hey Riproot! Wow just saw your post on the 'University Courses' thread. Yeah I'm slightly delayed.

    Is USYD a bad choice for Med Sci? :/
    Hi Riproot!

    I've read/heard some stuff from you (not a stalker:p) and your achievements are quite admirable and inspirational.

    Do you mind if I ask you Questions?

    I want to study medicine, I failed to make it through undergrad (ATAR was mid 97s :( ) and UMAT was terrible. Basically, I'm thinking of doing science/engineering at USYD. I don't mind engineering or maths, I like that stuff. I wanna know if this is a good pathway to graduate medicine. I'm also thinking of "Biomolecular and Chemical" at USYD as i heard it is not so competitive.

    Is this true? Is it easy to get a high gpa in chem eng at usyd?
    About 8 students for UWS interviews. I go out of my way to ensure my students get the best preparation. I invest time past what they would expect because it is something I thoroughly enjoy. I am not a tutoring college and I don't like my students spending more time and money than what they need. So far I've only had one student where I've said after 1 session they were ready for the interview. He had work, leadership and a great deal of teamwork experiences.
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