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    Atar Estimate

    Cheers, really hoping to get above 95, I'd love to know the B5 count for adv at my school because I know I won't be able to hit a B6 but I'd like to know if I'm looking at a low-mid-high B5. MX1 I know I can easily improve, I over studied for MX2 during the half yearly and couldn't focus on them...
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    Atar Estimate

    School Rank: ~120s Subject | Mark | Rank | Last Known B6/E4 Count English Adv | 78 | 26/83 | 14 Physics | 89 | 2/23 | 2 Software | 87 | 1/13 | 3 MX1 | 68 | 14/19 | 7 (completely screwed up the half yearly - our only task so far :/) MX2 | 71 | 3/4 | 1 (1st place is 0.5% above me)
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    Integral of sec^3(x) without reduction

    Thank you, that made it very clear cheers everyone for the help.
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    Integral of sec^3(x) without reduction

    Thanks for the reply, the way I progressed was going: \\ \\I = \int sec^3x \ dx = \int 1/cos^3x \ dx = \int (cos^2x + sin^2x)/cos^3x \ dx \\ \\ = \int secx \ dx + \int sin^2x/cos^3x \ dx And its at this point I get lost, I can get the sec integral fine, its given, but the integral \int...
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    Integral of sec^3(x) without reduction

    Yea no problem, only issue I have is with just going straight to a reduction formula, I want to see how the answer progresses to the solution rather than going from a -> b.
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    Integral of sec^3(x) without reduction

    Can anyone help me integrate sec^3(x) without using the reduction formula?
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    Atar Estimate <3

    Just completed Half Yearlies, I know extremely early but what can I do.. Subject | Rank | Mark | 2017 B6s Eng Adv | 25/67 | 75/100 | 14 B6s SOR I | 10/60 | 84/100 | 17 B6s Phys | 1/23 | 92/100 | 2 B6s Software | 1/19 | 95/100 | 3 2016 B6s 3U Math | 14/19 | 68/100 | 7 E4s 4U Math | 3/4 |...
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    State Rank Cut-Off?

    As the title suggests, just wondering what the state rank approx cut off is based on previous years.
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    What programming language are you learning ?

    We've been using a mix of visual basic and freebasic. Main rational is that in the HSC you're not using a specific language apart from pseudo code and although isn't as close to pseudo code, freebasic provides a very easy and friendly environment to practice.
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    ATAR Estimate

    Hey I know its only term 2 of year 12 but just wondering what ATAR I'm looking at with the following: PHYSICS| 4/27 | 85/100 | 2 B6 | <- This year's cohort is much much stronger than last year ~6 B6s potential ENGLISH ADV | 25/67 | 75/100 | 14 B6 | MX1 | 5/25 | 40/50 | 7 B6 | MX2 | 3/4 |...
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    What would be my overall HSC mark? Can I get a band 6?

    So I'm currently sitting 12-15/80 with an assessment mark of 81-83 at a ~140-150 ranked school. After sitting the HSC, discussing with friends and looking at published solutions I feel I will get 88-89 raw so I'm fairly curious to see where it would scale to. Is there a possibility of a band 6...
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    Cambridge Complex Numbers Question

    Ah makes sense, cheers for the response, I had thought of splitting the mod of iz up like that but was confused with what to do with mod(i), only now do I realise its 1, seems so simple now ahah thanks for making me see that :D
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    Cambridge Complex Numbers Question

    Cheers for the response :) So just letting z1 = 0 + iz, you consider z to be the imaginary part of the expression and not as i(a+ib)? If yes then it makes sense that as there is no real part of z1 the angle must be pi/2 is this correct?
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    Cambridge Complex Numbers Question

    Just picked up 4 unit and we have started with complex numbers, so far its fairly easy but still trying to understand the new/abstract concepts. Any help with the following question is greatly appreciated :D z has modulus r and argument (theta). Find in terms of r and (theta) the modulus...
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    Roll Call: Class of 2018

    Hey I'm jjjcjjj892 Currently doing: Adv. Eng, SOR 1, Software Design and Development, Physics, 3 unit and 4 unit math. Just finished my accelerated 2 unit math course with the HSC yesterday :D Only have 5+ weeks to wait to see how I went... Hopefully I achieve an ATAR of 90+, really looking to...