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    What are the next two numbers in this sequence?

    If it's so clear, could you point me to a source that provides an answer? Because I couldn't find one. Also yep, interview application.
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    What are the next two numbers in this sequence?

    Hey everyone, I came across this question while applying for something. Was totally stumped on it, wondering if anyone has a solution! edit: the question is: What follows in the sequence? 2, 88, 80, 16, 11, 3, 30, 95, ?, ?
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    hey it's me

    hey it's me
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    General Thoughts: Mathematics Extension 2

    For the last integration question, I left my answer as e^lnx / 1+lnx +c. Will I be marked down for this? Quite disheartening if I do =(
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    Module C: Caesar Discussion

    I argued it saying that conflicting perspectives are first established through the use of power --> then it is shifted towards the other perspective through the manipulation of form and language techniques to develop the 'truth' of the situation. thoughts?
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    Physiotherapy job prospects?

    Could you guys please elaborate? Why does it matter (to an extent)?
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    Physiotherapy job prospects?

    How is it? When I graduate from a physio course from uni, will I be guaranteed a job or will I be stuck searching for one?
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    ATAR Estimate Please? :)

    What a beast. 1v1 me pool. 99.55
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    HSC 2014 MX2 Marathon (archive)

    Re: HSC 2014 4U Marathon Hello, I need help 3 letters, A B C. How many words can be made with n letters where A occurs zero or an even number of times. (n is an even positive integer)
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    Confused about wording

    o... yes... yes it is. thank you guys, I get it now.
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    Confused about wording

    What is 0 <= t <= 1 then? God I feel like I'm missing something very basic x_x
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    Confused about wording

    Right, so it starts at zero. If the question asked "find the velocity at the end of the 0th second", isn't t --> 1 ? So we sub in one?? :(
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    Confused about wording

    I'm just thinking, if the questions says "it initially starts at x=1...", t=0 is subbed in right? But initially means when it starts, so the beginning of 0 seconds, not the end of the 0th second.
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    Weird trig discrepancy?

    I get it, thank you!
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    Confused about wording

    If the question asks "find the velocity at the end of 4 seconds", do we sub in t=4 or t=5?