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  • "Forum Trolls are like crack addicts -

    They hate what THEY'RE given but keep

    coming back for more"

    " the idea of speaking bad about things perpetuates negativity" - i TRIED not to bitch about anything, but it was like changing my whole personality.

    hahahaha well it keeps stuffin up on me! =[[[ keeps signing me out and stuff like that lol

    ohhhhhhhh GOOD LUCK IN ART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD xD xD

    and yea i finished last monday xD ,,,,tbh the aftermath of HSC is surprisingly boring at times lol

    I work near coles. :) It's an awesome place to work, cedes came and had lunch with me yesterday!

    Day off today!!! Are you set for drama? Fucking Irish Plays....
    WOOOOOOOOO YEAHHH I know right.

    I work at a newsagency at parramatta :) its AWESOME!!!!

    see you on thursdayyyyyyy
    Troll: In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant or off-topic messages in an online community. (Wikipedia)

    I don't think that definition applies to you =) Anyways, I'd better get to studying for once. Good luck with your HSC.

    LOL are you talking about the loser in like year 10....*sigh* alex!!!!!

    LOL this is random!!!

    keep drinking water!

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